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Pulled trigger on new setup
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rattles33 14-Aug-17
kota-man 14-Aug-17
Bowfreak 14-Aug-17
Dino 15-Aug-17
Barty1970 15-Aug-17
varmint101 16-Aug-17
YZF-88 16-Aug-17
carcus 16-Aug-17
From: rattles33
In prep for Sept elk hunt, I was getting a new string put on as I was getting some inconsistency as fp/bh were not grouping together anymore, and everything started going high. This is on my beloved 5 yr old Martin Bengal Pro, which up till now had been a great bow in most regards, particularly value. Got a call from the pro shop saying that the reason I may be seeing issues isn't the string--but the bottom cam is bent where the string attaches--bent about 3/16 inch--fortunate it didn't derail on me. So with Martin parts being in short supply as a result of the fire a couple year ago, time to shop. Shot the Bowtech Reign 7, Halon 32, Elite option 7, and Hoyt defiant pro 34. Immediately eliminated the mathews--just didn't sit well in my hand, top canted right and I'd have to fight it to verticle--even before quiver. The draw cycle was ok, but nothing special. Elite, which I thought I'd really like, was just ok. Didn't like the last bit of draw cycle prior to back wall--did like the grip though. Really like the Reign 7, little shocky after the shot--kind of wanted to jump outta my hand a bit, but nice draw cycle. Was going to go with the Reign but thought since I'm here lets shoot the Hoyt. Bingo. Everything just felt right once the draw was lengthened 1/2". Good grip/not great but very good. Natural vertical hold without me having to compensate at all. Stone dead in hand after shot, and a very smooth draw cycle--perfect fit. Decided to change other components too while I was at it--went with the new QAD rest, and Spot Hogg fast Eddie double pin. Bow tuned quickly--one turn on the yoke--and I'm enjoying it thus far. Need to get familiar with the new sight as I've never had a slider before, although my thought is after sight in at 20/60, I'll likely keep top pin at 25 and whatever the bottom pin is, it is. Still sighting in a 60 to get the right tape put on. Just thought I'd share impressions with you.

From: kota-man
I did the same thing you did at the beginning of the archery year. I actually took home a Halon 32, a Reign 7 and a Carbon Defiant 34. I have since sold the Halon 32 and the Reign 7. Tough to make a bad choice with the bows you shot, but be confident you made a GREAT choice. I'm also shooting a QAD and a Spot Hogg Fast Eddie. (I LOVE the Fast Eddie) Congrats on a great set up!

From: Bowfreak
Same setup as Kota for me except I am running a double pin scope on a Tommy.

From: Dino
Sounds like an awesome set-up. That DFX cam is super smooth! And the double pin by Spot Hogg is a great idea. Any pics of the new set up?

From: Barty1970

Barty1970's embedded Photo
Barty1970's embedded Photo
And I'm all like "*long wistful new bow-envious sigh*...c'mon faithful ol' Faktor 34 and five pin Hogg-It...let's go see if we can even hit the target...*another long wistful new bow-envious sigh*"

From: varmint101
I just got a new Defiant 34 myself. It tuned up easily and is very easy to shoot! Sounds like you have a great setup.

From: YZF-88
Good write-up.You'll like that sight. I keep my top pin at 50. Second one ends up at 60. Hope to use it on a deer Saturday morning.

From: carcus
Good choice, eliminate anything without at least on static yoke the go from there.

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