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Best hunting peep for older eyes?
Contributors to this thread:
Jasper 14-Aug-17
Paul@thefort 14-Aug-17
Skippy 14-Aug-17
rodb 14-Aug-17
bighorn 14-Aug-17
Drahthaar 14-Aug-17
Brun 14-Aug-17
Jasper 18-Aug-17
Olink 18-Aug-17
jstephens61 18-Aug-17
From: Jasper
I've been shooting the same 1/4" peep for years. I'm 57 and far sighted, can still shoot well with it. Just wondering if any of the newer peeps or those with verifier/clarifiers, etc. are worth the investment? Suggestions? Thanks!

From: Paul@thefort
when the verifier peeps first came out, even though they were 1/4 in. when added with the verifier lens, they actually were smaller in dia. I believe now that there is an actual 1/4 peep with the verifier. I ended up changing to a one pin adjustable site, ie, the Montana Gold, and that solved my issue of unclear multi pins and with halos.

From: Skippy
I use a 5/16 peep with a verifier, works great. The bigger peep let's in more light for early morning or late evening shots.

From: rodb

From: bighorn
Skippy's right. Tried the 5/16 verifier really helped should have done it 2 years ago. '

From: Drahthaar
5/16peep , single pin HHA slider. Forrest

From: Brun
The verifier has really helped me.

From: Jasper
Thanks for the info guys! I ordered the Specialty Archery 5/16" peep with the pink verifier. Will let you know how it works out.

From: Olink
The best peep for older eyes or someone with vision issues is no peep. Get rid of the darn thing. I switched over to a Perry's No Peep and it is one of the best changes that I ever made.

From: jstephens61
#6 verifier with non hooded peep. I use 1.5 cheaters to read.

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