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Will 14-Aug-17
Rob Nye 14-Aug-17
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Genesis 15-Aug-17
From: Will
I am 250lbs and 6'4" 55 years old and not as stealthy as I once was. Can anyone recommend heavy weight climbing sticks and a good easy to install lock on stand. Looking for the ease and safety.

Been using a lone wolf climber and other climbers for 40 years and can get around really good with that but I have some bad trees in a prime area.


From: Rob Nye
Ladder stands are much safer for us old guys.

From: eddie c
research the ratings on the sticks and stands, then go from there. I have 50# and 2 years on you. I've been checking ratings and judging by my weight plus 50#s for gear. I don't tote that much gear but I want that rating.

From: DartonJager
Have to agree on the ladder stands being the way to go for us +50 guys. I have hunted out of hang on stands for 28 years and ladder stands for 2 years I have to admit I feel 100x more secure in a ladder stand than I EVER have in my hang ons. I have recently been granted permission to hunt some private land and I have to put up stands and quite frankly if you combine the facts that I have serious hip, shoulder and back discomfort issues with I am a sit all day type of hunter the small seats and zero back and arm support that my present hang on stands offer will have me in near constant discomfort within an hour or two. That leaves me one of three choices #1-Accept shorter hunts due to pain, or #2-buy new more comfortable stands, and a I can buy three 18-21' ladder stands for the price of two top shelf hang on stands. There are trade offs ladder stands greatly limit your flexibility VS hang ons but IMHO ladder stands are safer and far more comfortable than any the hang on stands I own. Hang on stands are faster and simpler to set up and relocate than ladder stands. But because safety and cost factors involved I am going to use ladder stands and if I need to relocate I will then use one of my hang on stands.

I still believe that hang on stands are better to bow hunt out of than ladder stands, but my days of sitting for 10-12 hours on a tiny poorly padded seat for me have become so uncomfortable that the discomfort is taking away to much of my hunting enjoyment for me to do it any more.

From: Mark Watkins
Ladder stands for sure.

Rivers Edge makes some incredibly stable (and roomy if you need it), two points of contact to the tree is key!!


From: pachanga

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Chippewa wedge loc treestands have a great climbing sticks for big guys. I used them for years. They are great. I use Screaming Eagle treestands as they have no weight limit. I think these are the best you can get. I'm 57 years old 275 lbs. and feel you can keep your ladderstands. My Dad was 72 years old still getting in the Screaming Eagle stands.


From: OkieJ
Rapid Rails in the steel version.

From: Genesis
(Mass + Straps / Squirrel ) Gravity = Tragedy

I've become more and more prone to hunt from climbers and ladders when I'm in the Midwest.It's safer and the deer let you get away with doing it.

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