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Cross dressing deer
Whitetail Deer
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boman 15-Aug-17
t-roy 15-Aug-17
Keef 15-Aug-17
Woods Walker 16-Aug-17
Florida Mike 16-Aug-17
bigdog21 16-Aug-17
Brotsky 16-Aug-17
Cheesehead Mike 16-Aug-17
Zim 16-Aug-17
Ben 16-Aug-17
From: boman

boman's embedded Photo
boman's embedded Photo
Thought this was pretty funny. Have had several pictures of him on a couple cameras. First one of him looking straight at the camera.

From: t-roy
He would probably blend right in at the mall with that blue hair!

Years ago, I saw a raghorn bull out in the Missouri Breaks that had orange baling twine all wrapped up in his antlers similar to your buck. He looked like "Bozo the clown"!

From: Keef
That's a great picture. Next thing you know he'll try to get in the Army.

From: Woods Walker
The caption should be......."Did you just assume my gender???"

From: Florida Mike
Fashion statement!

From: bigdog21
he is hoping it will keep the big one under the feeder from kicking his ass.

From: Brotsky
Cool picture boman! "Don't shoot I'm a doe! I swear!" Ha!


Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
This one may have gone to the same stylist ;^)

From: Zim
How do you know its a "he". That deer may self identify as a non-conforming, gender neutral, vegan, socialist ungulate....and none of you bigots can say different. I'm offended everyone else isn't offended yet.

From: Ben
You can shoot those in California in doe season!

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