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Easy to use kids tree stand harness
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SDHNTR(home) 18-Aug-17
Brotsky 18-Aug-17
Dirtman 18-Aug-17
boman 18-Aug-17
Tonybear61 20-Aug-17
From: SDHNTR(home)
I need a tree stand harness for my kid. He's almost 8. Primary concern is one that is easy to put on and take off without me having to help him ideally. One that doesn't turn into a wad of twisted mess. Any experience with the Hunter Safety System youth model?

From: Brotsky
Nate, my daughter uses the HSS youth model. She loves it, says it's very comfortable. No problems putting it on or taking it off. Doesn't tangle real easily either. It's a great choice.

From: Dirtman
My son started using the tree spider micro harness at 7. It works great. We use a life line even on a 10ft ladder stand!

From: boman
Just bought my 5yoa grandson the youth HSS. After going over it with him and ajusting it he has able to put it on him self and I check everything to make sure it is buckled and secured. I do buckle the straps when he is not wearing to prevent tangling and twisting.

From: Tonybear61
Youth HSS.

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