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Arrow Selection for Young Adult
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BOBSTER 20-Aug-17
BOX CALL 20-Aug-17
I had promised my daughter when she graduated from High School, we would take her to South Africa for her graduation present. Well next year she will be graduating and I have to start getting her ready for the game over there. She has been hunting with a bow since she was 12 years old so that is not a problem. The problem is I need to work up a arrow that she can use during this hunting season (Whitetail, Hogs, and some exotics) that she will be using also in SA. I have slowly creeped her bow up for her to were she is shooting 55 pounds out of a Mission Craze. She shoots if very well, but has been using 22 inch arrows and 75 grain Thunder heads. I need to adjust some on her length of arrow to probably at least 23 inches now also to increase her draw length some. Since I am very old school and still use aluminum arrows, I have no idea what I need in Carbon arrows. Was looking at Gold Tip, but not completely settled on them, but have no idea what spine to use since there is no arrow selection chart that I could find for them. Also will probably move up to at least 100gr Thunder heads to give a little more weight. She will not be hunting real big animals while in SA, but she does want a Waterbuck for sure. Thanks for any help I can get. Bob

My grandson shoots a mission craze.he is a juniors,bow is at 56#,and 30" draw.shooting bloodline ,400 carbons.2" blazer vanes.there a 9/32" shaft.hellrazor three blade 100 grain head.my old school PSE can't touch him.he also has a fall away rest.

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