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Scent Free Hand Lotion?
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Hunt98 20-Aug-17
oldgoat 21-Aug-17
LINK 21-Aug-17
razorhead 21-Aug-17
razorhead 21-Aug-17
Cheesehead Mike 21-Aug-17
Buck Watcher 21-Aug-17
APauls 21-Aug-17
great white 21-Aug-17
smarba 21-Aug-17
jingalls 22-Aug-17
TD 22-Aug-17
smarba 22-Aug-17
coelker 22-Aug-17
Pigsticker 22-Aug-17
ohiohunter 22-Aug-17
Aluminum Rain 23-Aug-17
From: Hunt98
Is there any scent free skin moisturizer?

From: oldgoat
Just use whatever, if the deer can smell the lotion, they can smell you! Dead Downwind makes some sunscreen that comes in like an oversized chapstick that works good, I don't think it's truly scentless, and I don't care, it's convenient to use backpack hunting

From: LINK
I have a daughter that is allergic to fragrance, we use fragrance free lotion on her. That said I'm not sure there is scent free lotion.

From: razorhead
There is a woman in Green Bay area, her husband is a trapper, and she was a soap maker,,,,, she designed both a soap and lotion, for his hands, and she got it down right, and she has sage, and cedar, and pine etc..... company is called CrossWinds,,,

She was at a deer show in Wis last year, and was selling very well. I bought her soap and it was terrific for hunters and trappers... She was not at the show this year, but a guy told me, she still is making it,,,,,, I was going to google her up myself this month

From: razorhead
Yep, it is CrossWinds just looked it up,,,, this is terrific stuff, going to order today,,,,,, glad you sent out this reminder


Cheesehead Mike's Link
Vaseline Intensive Care fragrance free.

From: Buck Watcher
Atsko Pro-Tech-Skin. Best stuff I have used. I got terrible clacks in the ends of my fingers in the winter. Now I use it once a day at bedtime. NEVER get them anymore. I do a lot of ice fishing. It waterproofs your hands to.

From: APauls
Am I still on Bowsite?

From: great white
Wally world sells lubriderm fragrance free

From: smarba
Working Hands is the best hand lotion I've ever used. I wouldn't necessarily say it's scent free but it has no particular odor and works amazing on cracked dry hands.

From: jingalls
X2 Great White. Dermatologist recommended fragrance free years ago. Used ever since, not greasy feeling like the others!

From: TD
If you have cracks and sores on your hands Bag Balm is about the best stuff there is. Not really unscented I guess.... but at least you won't smell like a gurl...... =D

From: smarba
TD give Working Hands a try. It's not greasy in the least, unlike bag balm. Amazing stuff.

From: coelker

coelker's Link
So since I have a wife and a daughter into hunting. I had to find something for them. We have used the Just for Does Shampoo and conditioner. They both really like it and it is amazing that only a double shampoo and a single condition treatment will get rid of all the perfume smell from the stuff they normally wear.

With that being said Just for Does has a body lotion that is nice...

From: Pigsticker

Pigsticker's Link
Shea butter is great stuff.

From: ohiohunter
COelker, does that just for does lotion leave ya greasy? and does it have any spf in it? I like oil of olay, its non greasy and has spf in it for my nose and ear tips. I'm ugly enough and if the sun burns off my ears the dog will leave me. Oil of olay doesn't have much smell to it.

X2 for Working Hands

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