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fubar racin 21-Aug-17
jims 22-Aug-17
From: fubar racin
Have any of you used these boots? I got a pair of lowa tempest cheap from a guy that ordered and then they wouldnt fit him and they have 95% cured my foot pain but are not waterproof. Sieara trading post has the tiagos for $84 plus shipping im thinking about giving them a shot, and i was just wondering if anyone had an opinion of them?

From: jims
Lowa makes great boots. I have Tibets I got around 12 years ago that I've used and abused and they are still in great shape. The Tibets are pretty hefty with thick soles so are tougher to stalk quietly. Renegades and others that are light with soft soles would likely be a lot quieter for stalking. One consideration with Lowa Renegades and a few other Lowas that are made of thinner leather material is they are super comfortable and light weight but don't tend to take abuse like some of the heavier duty leathered boots...especially if you hunt in a bunch of rock and wet conditions. I try to find boots with the least amount of layering of leather. The layered leather boots tend to fall apart at the seams where the leather over-laps. I'm super hard on boots and abuse them every I tend to wear them out quicker than a lot of guys that only wear them a few times a year while scouting/hunting.

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