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Planting Soybeans in September?
Whitetail Deer
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PA Deplorable 23-Aug-17
BOHUNTER09 23-Aug-17
t-roy 23-Aug-17
Lee 23-Aug-17
Mark Watkins 23-Aug-17
Pat Lefemine 23-Aug-17
Shawn 23-Aug-17
Mad Trapper 24-Aug-17
SteveB 28-Aug-17
Beav 28-Aug-17
I know it takes like more than 80 days or so for beans to mature, but I have alot of extra beans that are going bad and was going to broadcast them into the Rye/oats/clover/radish mix where I am not putting peas in. My question is, will the fertile seed grow at all? Cuz I feel like even beans that grow 6" will be a little treat, or will they not grow at all?


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I planted some august 14 along with wheat, oats, and turnips. All are coming up now. Should make tender forage. I would not wait my longer.

From: t-roy
Definitely plant them. My experience with year old soybean seed is that the germination rate goes way down after a year. If you have moisture, they will grow and the deer will eat them. A frost will kill them, but till that happens they will keep growing, though probably not very fast due to cooler weather and less daylight hours. Better than dumping them next spring.

From: Lee
What T-roy said - should be a draw.

Good luck.


From: Mark Watkins
Plant them and overseed oats, winter rye and/or triticale into them!


From: Pat Lefemine
Soybeans should keep until next season. But you can definitely plant them in September but don't expect any appreciable growth.

From: Shawn
I planted a mixture of soybeans, cow peas and some brassicas. I got it in late for what the bag said. I planted it about 10 days ago. The entire plot is green now and stuff is up an inch or two. I also way over seeded. I figured as above better to plant it then wait til late next spring. Shawn

I have planted them late summer in mixtures with cereal grains. Especially as other nearby beans start to yellow, they are a short lived high attractant.

I don't believe there is much benefit affixing nitrogen since root development is not extensive, the main benefit is as an attractant.

Good luck!

Edit: like to add that this is a more viable strategy in states that open seasons around September 15th. Planting now should give you up to 6 weeks of growth in much of the midwest. Get the deer used to feeding there, JMO.

From: Mad Trapper
They will grow until the first frost. The deer should work them over as they grow. The beans should not go bad if you hold them until next spring though and keep them dry.

From: SteveB
Deer absolutely LOVE and PREFER those young shoots. I'd add peas to it. Plant away but don't wait any longer.

From: Beav
I just planted a couple of bags a week ago along with rye, oats, and brassicas. They are just starting to pop up. First time I have tried it this late so was wondering the same thing.

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