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New Regs for MIchigan, game transporting
Whitetail Deer
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DRR324 28-Aug-17
spike buck 28-Aug-17
Glunt@work 28-Aug-17
razorhead 28-Aug-17
From: DRR324
Michigan just published new regs pertaining to out of state hunters bringing in harvested big game animals. Nothing new to some states, but new to us for sure. Only hides, antlers, de-boned meat, or cleaned skulls allowed. With my brother and our sons travelling to Ohio, I guess I need to learn how to full cape a buck instead of just to the head and cut off there.... The eyes are pretty much my only concern, time for YouTube vids!

From: spike buck
Heard that about a month ago. Processors here are going to be busy!!!

From: Glunt@work
Caping isn't that hard. When in doubt, leave a little extra. easy for the taxi to trim off but harder to add. Take your time around tear ducts.

From: razorhead
not really new been in effect for awhile,,,, no big deal,,,,,, tell you what is stupid though, within state, in lower mi you have cwd, but still allowed to take that deer whole, across the bridge to the UP,,,,, makes no sense......

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