Iowa's new non-typical record from 2016
Whitetail Deer
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NEIAbowhunter's Link
I don't recall seeing this make the rounds here and I didn't see it when I searched bowsite. The buck was taken in zone 9, in Fayette County, Iowa last fall. It's called the "kornhill buck" if you want to google it but it officially scored 282 2/8 (net) and should be the new iowa record once confirmed as of January 2017. Hopefully the link works, otherwise it was at the Iowa Deer classic and is on Trophy Bucks of Iowa facebook page if you can't see it. Absolute giant taken about 20 miles away from where I hunt.

From: dg72a
Monster buck, wish they were where I live.

From: Scrappy
Nope it's all lies, there is no big bucks in iowa.

From: deerhunter72
Wow! What else can you say?

From: t-roy
I saw it down at the Deer Classic. Unbelievably symmetrical for all the trash it had. Huge deer for sure.

From: Kodiak
NE Iowa is producing some real whoppers.

Great deer.

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