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Automatic Emergency Descenders
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From: bowhuntress
Hi Folks,

As many of you, I am well aware as I get older and less agile the fear of falling out of a stand with a FB harness on, and experiencing suspension trauma. I would like to try something like the Down Safe or Tree Spider Livewire automatic descender systems. I would like to actually talk to someone at one of these companies, but the contact phone numbers on their web sites don't work (Down Safe's is disconnected and can't get through Tree Spider). I tried emailing, but I received no reply. Does anyone know how to talk to someone at these companies? Is Down Safe even still in business? Any info would be helpful.

Thank you. bowhuntress

From: bowhuntress

I now use lifelines on my tree stand set-ups. The product you described does not seem to have caught on and perhaps that is why there is little info. Good luck and safe hunts! C

From: rooster
If I'm not mistaken, the Tree Spider product is a "one and done" descender. It is not re-useable.

From: PeteO
While on embassy duty we had controlled descent devices to aid in evacuatuons. Google that and you will find what your looking for. Ours where not one use. You clip in and it gradually lowers you.

From: Russell
I've used the Rescue One CDS harness for several years. Not lite, but provides a reusable 30' lowering system.

From: bowhuntress
Thank you all for your help! I will look in to your suggestions.


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