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Zebow 13-Sep-17
ohiohunter 13-Sep-17
Bowriter 13-Sep-17
From: Zebow
I'm wanting some opinions. We own 18 acres of river bottom land in western Ohio. I've hunted it over 20 years and the deer population has tanked in the past few years. I use to have bucks cruise thru this property like every day but now I'm lucky to see 4-5 bucks all season long. Do you think if I sprayed regular doe urine around certain areas of this place a few times a week, for several weeks leading up to the pre-rut and rut would help bring in more bucks? My thinking is tricking bucks into thinking more does are in there and they may cruise thru here more often...

I would just setup a scrape dripper over a mock scrape. I would use active scrape in the dripper. Once a buck finds it, then it should condition him to start showing up more regularly and in daylight hours as the dripper will only dispense during daylight and he will try to intercept the hypothetical deer freshening the scrape.

From: ohiohunter
Take a look at your demographics. Whats going on on neighboring properties? How is the pressure? 18acres isn't much and is very easy for deer to find sanctuary else where.

Thats one thing about Ohio and similar states, you don't know whats going on next door.

From: Bowriter
I'm sure it will increase your buck sightings by as much as .0003%.

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