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2017 cougar hunt and full mount for sale
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Ucsdryder 13-Oct-17
Guardian Hunter 15-Oct-17
caribou77 15-Oct-17
t-roy 15-Oct-17
caribou77 15-Oct-17
scentman 16-Oct-17
i can't make it to my hunt so i am looking to sell it, the outfitter is successful every year. it's booked for dec.29-jan.3rd. and i also have a full mount that can be done too. i'm a outfitter and traded the taxidermist for this mount already but now i can't go. the hunt is with bull basin outfitters in kremmling colorado. asking $6500 for the hunt and a full mount. contact me for more details if your interested.

i'm asking for

From: Ucsdryder
I would looove a chance at a lion hunt. It’s about 5500 out of my price range tho! Haha. I’ll be up that direction trying to fill my cow tag in early December.

This is a great deal on a great hunt! Dean, Chad, Carly and Lance are fantastic houndsmen. Too bad you cannot go Josh. I killed a great Tom with them last year. Your price including mount is a steal. Great deal all around. Gary

From: caribou77
What does a full mount run for a lion? The base hunt is 4500.

From: t-roy
Caribou 77,..... mine cost me a little over $2,000 which is way down on the low end of the scale. My buddy is a taxidermist and cut me a deal, plus it was his first lion. I was pretty nervous, as I’ve seen a lot of bad cat mounts, but he did a great job IMO. I would guess $3,500-$4,500, possibly more depending on the amount of detail that goes into mount, base, etc.

From: caribou77
And that is why I'll have a rug made! Lol that's the cost of another hunt!

From: scentman
Cougar and full mount... Ask Harvey Weinstein... Hey Al Michaels started it don't blame me!

I've seen T-roy's mount. Nobody would believe it was his taxidermist's first lion. Worth every penny.

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