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Planning 2018 CO Elk
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longspeak74 14-Nov-17
wyonative1972 15-Nov-17
longspeak74 16-Nov-17
From: longspeak74
Starting to plan my 2018 CO solo elk hunt. Have hunted the Grand Mesa area previously but looking for a change in scenery. I have found some good looking (through google earth) spots in 70/71 near Lizard Head WA. Any thoughts on this area, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Hey Bryan - I've researched and hunted 70, but I did not hunt in the Lizard Head Wilderness area. As I recall, there are a couple outfitters that have camps setup in the Wilderness area (likely means there's some elk there). The elk numbers are good in 70 but there is not a lot of mature bulls. There is a fair amount of hikers, dope smoking hippies partying and road hunters, so if you would hike in a few miles and hunt from camp I think you would get into some elk. It is beautiful there with some great habitat for elk. Good luck - Shawn

From: longspeak74
Thanks Shawn. I figured that I would at least see some others just because of the close proximity to Telluride. I have no problem putting some miles on! I liked the idea of hunting a WA just from the no-vehicle standpoint.

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