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Mike Castillo 09-Jan-18
DEMO-Bowhunter 09-Jan-18
hoytshooter1 09-Jan-18
sticksender 09-Jan-18
NvaGvUp 09-Jan-18
Trial153 09-Jan-18
Bowboy 09-Jan-18
This is a dumb question, but for the life of me I cannot find it on the website. I entered the draw for Bighorns in Wyoming today, and paid the 2300 fee to do so. Assuming I don't draw, when are refunds given? I just want to know when to expect that...

Mike, It shows the draw results will be available in May, so likely right around that time frame. I don't have my info from right in front of me to say when I got it back last year.

From: hoytshooter1
it's usually 1-2 weeks after the draw, and they will credit your account I believe

From: sticksender
Last year the draw results were available on May 10th. My refund was processed to my credit card on May 11th.

From: NvaGvUp
I didn't get a refund last year on the sheep draw, because I am NO LONGER ELIGIBLE!


From: Trial153
I am considering dropping out. I feel like I am throwing good money after bad

From: Bowboy
Like stated usually a couple weeks after the draw. How many points did you have going into the draw?

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