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Bad habits from snap shooting
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Bowfreak 26-Jan-18
skipmaster1 26-Jan-18
HUNT MAN 26-Jan-18
GF 26-Jan-18
Charlie Rehor 27-Jan-18
buc i 313 27-Jan-18
midwest 27-Jan-18
From: Bowfreak
I used to shoot fish many years ago when my shooting was so bad it didn't matter. Now....I won't bowfish idue to I feel it breeds bad shooting habits. Don't get me wrong....I really had fun doing it but I believe it would be very hard to bowfish and then pick up your hunting bow and make good shots. Not shots where you hit the dot but shots where you execute correctly without punching.

I'm sure some of you are able to do this without deleterious effects but I assume I am not alone in why I am not a fan.


From: skipmaster1
I bowfish with a recurve and hunt with one a fair amount. I used to pick up a lot of bad habits from shooting fish. I finally learned to shoot correctly, just fast. Still use back tension and pull through the shot though. Sometimes you'll get sloppy but I just offset those here and there shits with good bare work.

To me archery is a mental game. I don’t think about bowfishing affecting my normal archery . Nothing is normal shooting Fish under water . My thoughts . Hunt

From: GF
I don’t believe I could shoot worth a DAMN if I tried to hustle off a shot with a release.

Used to shoot a 50% compound with fingers (about 30 years ago) and that wasn’t bad. But RC/LB? It’s just another style/tactic you can use when the situation calls for it; I can drill a tennis ball from 50 feet faster than probably 95% of compounders can get their release on the string.

Well, a volleyball, for sure.... as long as I can pick a spot on it....

Try a recurve when bow fishing. I found it a lot easier than using a compound at 3 yards and I’m not very good with traditional equipment past 5 yards:)

From: buc i 313
Many years ago I bow fished with a recurve, hunted with both recurve and compound bow using fingers with a tab. I shot instinctive so that was a big help. Doing both hunting fishing, I can say it never, ever created any problems with accuracy or form.

The fellows who shot pins did seem to have some difficulties in shooting carp though.

From: midwest
Haven't bowfished in years but when I did, I used a recurve, instinctive even after I started hunting big game with a compound. Two different disciplines.

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