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Primos blinds and other options
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From: Scoot
I've got a primos double bull double wide blind and I really like it. I'm going to add a second blind this during because my son wants to venture on his own a bit. I may buy a cheapie because it won't get used a ton. However I may get another good one.

How do the smackdown and bullpen compare in terms of durability and sturdiness? How about the shack attack- sturdy, well made, but enough for 2 with one shooting a bow? I'm going to check out the new ones with the "one directional material" as soon as I can put my hands on one.

If I get a good one my main criterion is that it's well made and will last a while. Cheap blinds tend to not make it more that a year or two for me and are a waste. If there is a different product/company I should be looking at with well built/sturdy being it's most endearing quality, I'm all ears.

Well first of all the best blind I had, as far as quality was my original Double Bull, a BS-5, prior to Keith and Brookes sale to Primos,,, it was stolen off of private land,,,, with that said, my daughter bought me a Primos DB, and it has held up well..........

I do not use it much anymore since I usually chase them with a decoy, which is more fun, but it is well made and has held up......

I would not hesitate to buy the shack attack,,,,,, I bought a original Double Bull T2, at a trad shoot for 150.00 with the bag carrier,,,,, it is the best in quality, and very quick to set up, and I really like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My friends have used, the Rhino Blind, and I looked at that, that was well made, and tough, but not sure if they are around anymore,,,,, For the money I see no issues with the Ameristep, as long as they are taken care of, and put up properly.......

I have found that with all hub style blinds, regardless of make, and instructions, by marking your center hub, and putting that up first, and then pushing out the sides, the hub system, takes less stress,,,, when taking down, reverse it, by pulling the center hub down, and then the sides and flipping over your head............. Pulling them out from the outside, causes stress on the hub system as a whole.......

Want to have some fun? Go buy a Ultimate Predator Decoy, attach it to your bow, and go hunt...................... good luck

From: XMan
Take a look at Rhino blinds, very high quality and durable. I own four of them and they are two seasons old, no issues to report. The material is far superior to the cheapo brands and will last much longer.

From: jims
After looking at all the favorable reviews I bought a Double bull double wide. My 2nd choice would have been a Rhino...same favorable reviews. You could try a smaller Double bull or possibly look into Ghost Blinds.

From: RutnStrut
Rhino is no longer the quality they used to be. Both their blinds and the CS, this is since the recent new ownership.

From: Jtek
Primos has lifetime guarantee i think. Do any others? I have a Primos dark horse and 2 double wides. Love them.

Primos's warranty only covers the hardware, rods, ....etc. Not the material. They will fix holes/tears for free with shipping on your dime, however if the material has dry rot, then you're SOL. Cant fix that.

I have an older 360 Matrix that has seen better days. The fabric is basically at the dry rot stage and has stretched a good bit. I'm seriously considering the ShackAttack for the new one, or possibly one of the new models for 2018.

From: Rock
I really like the Hay Bale Blinds they are a lot roomier and no brushing in just set them up and hunt, Deer and other animals are use to see Hay Bales so they pay no attention to them. They do take longer to set up but that is not a problem in my opinion as you usually set them up and leave them for a while.

From: DEC
I have owned the majority of the DB blinds both pre-Primos and Primos. In the originals, I owned the T-5, the I-5, the BS-5, and the Matrix. I still have an original T2 actually. My all time favorite still is the Dark Horse. I own somewhere around a dozen of them and I have 8 or 9 stashed in storage still in never opened original boxes, as I want to have many for years to come. I bought them all on close out years ago. I have been using the same three hard for several years now. They hold up well and are worth it if you can find someone selling a used one.

You asked about some of the newer ones though. I have either owned or hunted out of several of the different Wide Mouth/Double Wide/Deluxe variants of the Dark Horse. In general, I don't like them. I hate the large door, as it is very difficult to seal out the exterior light. I also do not like the hubs ... they are huge and weigh a ton. They add a lot of weight to what was a moderate weighing Dark Horse design. I bought one of the Smack Downs a year or so ago because I found a "deal". It was a terrible blind. Cheaply made, a pain to put up, and overall junk. I returned it. I also currently own a Shack Attack. Overall, I really kind of like this blind. It is a cross between a T2 and a Dark Horse. However, the Shack Attack uses the heavier giant hubs like the Wide Mouth blinds use. It isn't too bad since there are only two hubs in this blind. As to the new "one way" see through blind, I have my doubts. My concern is that it lets in too much outside light for turkeys to keep the interior black enough and it lets out too much scent for deer.

As to other options, I bought three Xenek blinds last spring. They are pretty nice. Overall, I really like their front window, even better than the Dark Horse. There are parts of the blind that need to be improved though. The exterior has a sheen to it that I think flairs turkeys from my experiences (though I did manage to kill a bird out of one last spring). I ended up using ultra flat spray paints to dust the blind and take the sheen off. Also, since the height dimension is greater than the width dimension, setup and tear down has to be done in an exact sequence and even then can be tricky. I don't like trying to sneak in and set up an Xenek blind in the dark. I cannot do it quietly like I can one of my Dark Horse blinds. But all in all the Xenek is a very nice blind.

Xenek is a nice blind. I do agree it has a sheen to it. Also is a learning process to Get it set up. Still nothing like a T5 to me. Please bring back the T5. Please. Hunt

From: Ermine
T5 is the best blind ever

From: Duke
I agree, Ermine! Priced right and quality material in the T5.

From: Scoot
Thanks for all the info above guys.

What is so magical about the T5? Everyone sure seems to miss it! I don't think I've ever heard of someone who didn't think it was a really great blind. You'd think Primos would figure that out and respond accordingly.

Very interested in seeing the new double bulls with the see through material!

From: DEC
I will agree with Ermine. For straight up hunting, there has yet to be a better blind to hunt out of than a T5.

When it come to filming hunts, the Dark Horse is the best that I have found. But if I didn't film hunts, I'd go with a T5 every day of the week.

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
15 year old T-2. with a new paint job, a two new hubs. I would purchased another "primos" if the quality was there
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
15 year old T-2. with a new paint job, a two new hubs. I would purchased another "primos" if the quality was there
I purchased this Dark Horse 6 years go and while under the strong Colorado sun, the camo faded some,( I added some paint) the material has held up very well. Yes, I have replace two hubs and all of the roof rods, (made them longer so the roof would not fall in) but over all, good blind for turkey, deer and goose hunting. Too bad it is not made any more.

From: Reid
I sat in the new double bull surroundview 270 at Cabela's KC (I think this is what you mean by one directional material). It would be awesome for turkey hunting if you don't have a budget.

I just can't justify the $399 for a handful of turkey hunts a year and I leave my blind in the woods to be destroyed by nature.

From: jdee
What was so great about the T5 ? I bought one new. It was ok but the windows were to low. I sold it and bought a Dark Horse and like it better.

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