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WI Senator Wants To Ban Hunting
Whitetail Deer
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TrapperKayak 13-Feb-18
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Bow Crazy 22-Feb-18
South Farm 22-Feb-18
From: No Mercy

No Mercy's Link
And while we’re fighting amongst ourselves about broad heads, crossbows and BHA vs Pope and Young-this kind of crap comes up.

From: Brotsky
Must be the senator from Dane county.

From: LBshooter
Madison lol, that's says it all. Yes a scary bill but no senator in their right mind who wants to be reelected would vote for this, unless your a communist in Madison.

From: swampokie
Must be terrible to be a hunter in a blue state

From: Fuzzy
lots of people want to, no one ever will

From: RutnStrut
"Must be terrible to be a hunter in a blue state"

Can't really count this as the guy is a dem from Madison. Madison is it's own little lib biome.

From: cobra
Laughable Sad Pathetic Out-of-Touch. Liberal Biome is a polite thing to say about it.

From: Glunt@work
Many types of hunting and trapping have already been banned by States. A complete ban isn't some wild fantasy. It is unlikely at the moment but the world is changing.

From: Z Barebow
Madison is whackaddodle central.

From: JTV
a Democrat ... it figures... I'll bet he gets donations from HSUS ...

Just for reference RED fred has been in the legislature since 1956. He is a living socialist fossil.

From: grubby
Just to be clear, he wants to ban hunting in state parks, not ban hunting. there is a difference.

From: Highlife
State parks today state conservation lands tomorrow.

From: jdee
Another weak, meak, freak, liberal Democrat I’m sure.

From: TrapperKayak
Like a little Portland or Seattle. Pathetic. Sad to see, hope he's run out of their, but not to here. ;) Back to CA maybe, where he belongs.

From: Nomad @ work
Fred A. Risser is a Democratic member of the Wisconsin Senate, representing the 26th District since 1962. His district includes most of the west side and central neighborhoods of Madison, including the campus of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Wikipedia

Born: May 5, 1927 (age 90), Madison, WI

From: TrapperKayak
Guess he's there to stay... ;)

From: yooper89

yooper89's embedded Photo
yooper89's embedded Photo

From: 3arrows
Term limits

From: RutnStrut
"Just to be clear, he wants to ban hunting in state parks, not ban hunting. there is a difference."

Not really any difference. Once libs get their foot in the door on something like this, you are screwed.

From: beaneater
We had bow hunting in Dane County Parks by permit for a little while, not any more I guess.

From: drycreek
Ninety ? He's senile !

I do not want to be unkind to anyone,,,,, but like the movie the Godfather, all I can say, is " He is an old man, who had too much wine"..................

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo

From: Franklin
Come on ground hunter that`s Godfather I don`t understand how we won`t let our 90 year old family members drive a car but we elect them to political office. If Wisconsin didn`t have a University it would be a completely different state.

From: Irishman
I didn't know that you could hunt in State Parks. I don't know of any around here in Montana that you can hunt in. You can't shoot a firearm, a bow, or even fireworks. I guess you must be able to hunt in Wisconsin State Parks though.

From: EF Hutton
Just Remember - Anywhere- You give them an inch and it is momentum to go a mile. This why cannot budge. Same philosophy NRA uses. We don’t really need an iwi Tavor that mowed down Baton Rouge cops, but cannot give antis an inch. Example #2. me too movement. Had all these years to complain but was silent. Now momentum brings out celebrity in the spotlight wannabe’s.

Give anti hunt an inch ( State parks ) boom there goes momentum further. NO !

Wisconsin has a lot of state parks,,,, one of the best systems in the country,,,, a lot of them are empty in late season, and are big enough in the fall, that there is plenty of room to hunt in the woods and still camp, there, which is really nice for a lot of hunters

Also there are state parks, designed for the use of disabled hunters, and those who have wheel chairs, the walk ways are designed for their access, along with duck blinds etc,,,,,,,

There is a lot of parks that have over browsing, so deer hunting is allowed and encourgaged,,,,, Its safe and never been an issue,,,,, Of course it is not in all parks, but we have more than enough, that hunting is a good option for their use,,,,,, Some are bow only, some both bow and gun......

As far as trapping it is always under attack, fortunately with all the issues, our DNR is very pro trapping, unlike other agencies I experienced in the west, that for the life of me, I can not understand.......

the biggest target for the anti trappers, is the state of Montana, they want to shut that state down bad,,,,,

From: Shug
In the 2017 election here in NJ one candidate ran on the platform of ending the NJ bear hunt as well as creating NJ into a sanctuary state... He won.

Time will tell if he follows through on his promises

From: TrapperKayak
Shug et al, Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

From: Tonybear61
Might as well try to ban beer and the Packers in WI.

MN had no bowhunting in state parks due to some weird logic. They have wised up some but only let us hunt St. Croix Park (one of the biggest and oldest parks in the system) for two years. That was after a 40+ year hiatus. Nice place but only open for firearms now even though park comes from public money.

From: Will
As a lib from a liberal state (MA), I can safely say that that idea is bad (banning hunting from state parks). If there are a couple parks where interactions due to rising use are causing issues, create some sort of rules that work for everyone, dont just "ban" things. Ugh.

Wildlife management (be it for game or non game species) should be left up to people well trained in it. If only people well trained in areas could help lead the government, that would be awesome (never gonna happen, but it would be awesome).

Hopefully the rest of Wisconsin's legislators push this concept into the trash heap asap!

From: 1boonr
I really wish a state would do it. Then after about 5 years when everybody sees the deer being slaughtered on the highway, overpopulating and starving to death hunting would be legal again. any state even suggested it again after that would have no chance. I think anti hunting groups really don’t want it outlawed because they know what the result would be after the general public figures out the benefits of managing the deer by hunting. They would be out of business.

From: jdee
I don’t know, look at California and the mountain lion.

If you live in Wisconsin you need to be on the phone ASAP... we can’t afford to lose any ground in this fight.

From: APauls
"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers"

LOL no doubt, I mean look at the last few years for example. In Canada we elected Trudeau, and you guys had to pick between Hillary and Trump lol. Really? Are these 3 people the pinnacle of Canada and the US? I feel like I don't know a person that I WOULDN'T rather have in office than any of these people. And that includes the people I DON'T like lol.

From: Wapitidung
Sounds like the Peoples Republic of Boulder (CO that is).

From: 1Longbow
Madison ,50 miles of liberalism, surrounded by reality

From: timberdoodle
The bills are to ban foothold & body grip traps, & hunting in state parks. It isn't a bill to shut down all public lands. Considering hunting & trapping in state parks wasn't allowed (with maybe an exception or two) until 2012, and considering the amount of use & types of users, is it a surprise that a bill would be proposed to go back to the way things were? I'd prefer there be some nuance to the conversation about management for certain objectives, but I'm not going to lose sleep about it if they passed either (not that they ever would, the senate, assembly, & gov are all repubs).

From: Knothead
I hate to say it but hunting probably only has one or two generations left. 100 years from now probably all gone or at least as we know it today. Our country is changing at such an exponential rate that recreational opportunities like hunting will not be tolerated by the masses.

Less and less of our children are hunting, we are not recruiting more non-hunters into our way of life and you would be surprised at how many young people are giving up meat all together and going vegan. The demographics of hunters are overwhelmingly white and over 40 but America's population shifting towards non-white and urban.


From: Bow Crazy
This won't go anywhere, this is the way politicians work. Risser, from the Madison area, is catering to his liberal constituents. He is getting free publicity for himself and his liberal views. A huge win-win for him, really as simple as that. Having said that, we still have to call our politicians and make our voice heard and oppose this. Please, don't ignore it, make the call, send the email, it will die. BC

From: South Farm
Think of the money we'll save on licenses and tags!!! BAN! BAN! BAN!

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