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Meat shipping options?
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From: jeg
Planning a AK moose hunt for this fall and was planning on using Alaska Express Trucking out of Wisconsin to haul meat home if successful. I just went to they're website and it says no service for 2018!! So now what should a person do? I would like to get my antlers, cape, and some meat home without taking out a second mortgage. I see Alaska Air ships meat/antlers. We are not flying with Alaska Air do you just box everything and they take it as freight and you pick it up at the airport when it shows up?

Way back in 2009 and 2011 we used a place in Homer, AK that would clean and ship your fish back to the lower 48. Although we were hunting mountain goats, they gladly froze the meat for us and shipped it out on a pre set date. It wasn't cheap, I believe around $250 to $300 for one boned out mountain goat.

For the hides we used D & C Expediters in Anchorage, very good service and quality work. I'm sure than can ship your moose antlers back home.

Good luck

From: TEmbry
Alaska Air Cargo may be your cheapest route (albeit expensive still) if you live nearby one of their destination cities... Plan ahead though, to ship from Alaska to L48 you must register as a known shipper with Alaska Air Cargo where a 3rd party company comes and inspects your house/business to make sure you aren't a security risk for TSA. It can take 4-6 weeks to push through and is valid for one year. They have freezers in Anchorage/Fairbanks where the meat totes can sit until making a flight, and most destination cities also have freezers (call to check before hand). This route is nearly ALWAYS cheaper than UPS/Fedex route because you don't have to overnight it since they have freezers.

I shipped 6 blacktails south this year for buddies on here and it was cheaper than the equivalent bag fees and far more convenient than navigating airport pick up with tons of meat totes.

From: t-roy
Thanks for the info, Trevor.

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