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NWTF version of Obsession camo
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EF Hutton 09-Apr-18
EF Hutton 10-Apr-18
Hiker 11-Apr-18
drycreek 11-Apr-18
EF Hutton 11-Apr-18
From: EF Hutton
I was skeptical at first, seeing it as too black. The original Obsession was turkey tested with one almost in my lap.

So, after putting it in my exact use area, bottomland hardwood river delta, and taking photos in various positions, then a hunt. Two turkeys within 30 yards looking for that “ hen “ with me sitting next to a double trunk tree, no cover at all in front, passed undetected.

I’d say, ok. It’ll do.

From: EF Hutton
I guess no one pays attention to camo.


From: Hiker
I think it looks pretty good but I'm not really into camo that much It's looks good up close but I think it would look dark from far away. I just wear a leaf suit most of the time and have had my hunting buddies walk right by me without seeing me. it's fun to scare them (archery season only)

From: drycreek
Well, EF, if you're paying attention to camo, it ain't working !

From: EF Hutton
No sir the military spends tons of time field testing. I field test also. Besides it is not up for debate. It is a statement not requiring follow up debate. Study is over. It works quite well .

I set out with a hypothesis that it was too black. Field tests including photos and live wild turkeys in close proximity concluded that my hypot was wrong. It works quite well. That is how an unbiased test works. It is what it is.

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