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Arrow weight suggestions for muskox
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From: BowmanMD
I'm heading to Greenland this August for muskox and caribou and I'm looking for opinions on what you guys would do for arrow set-up. Greenland rules require 525gr total arrow weight for muskox. I currently shoot a Mathews Halon 32 at 63#, 27" draw. Arrows are Easton FMJ 340 5mm 27.5", blazer vanes, 100gr tips--total weight 475g pushing a whopping 240fps thanks to my draw-length challenged stature (I need arm extensions!).

How would you guys get the extra 50gr? I've considered buying a whole new set of heavier or longer arrows (i.e. FMJ dangerous game), but then after the hunt, I wouldn't really have much use for them. I'm leaning towards switching to 150gr tips up front which would have the added benefit of increasing FOC (maybe too much?) but there are not a lot of options for 150gr heads, especially field tips (17/64") for narrow shafts like the FMJ's.

One more thing to consider is that I will likely be hunting caribou with the same set-up which could potentially require longer shots. Legally, arrows only have to be 430gr for caribou, but I can't see bringing a whole different set-up just for a little flatter trajectory at the longer distances.

Thanks for your input!


From: M.Pauls
I’ve never hunted Muskox but sounds like you’re already set on just shooting the minimum weight so I can chime in. I shoot weighted inserts in my FMJs. That would get you in the money, but make sure you talk to a pro about what length to run those at to spine correctly. I can guess but there are people much more accurate than I. By just increasing insert weight you can keep shooting your existing Broadheads too. Keep your arrows with standard inserts, and buy some 150 gr field tips to use existing arrows as practise arrows.

If you are NOT buying some new arrows, It may be cheaper to throw on some 150 gr. broadheads. Like i said I’m not a spine expert but i think your arrows at your DL and poundage should shoot better with 150s anyways. Someone else may be able to chime in on that.

I’d stick with one arrow hands down.

I would take two sights and putting 150 great up front will change arrow spine

I haven't done it yet, but I've heard of guys putting weed wacker string on the inside of your arrow. Also, thought that I've read that it doesn't change the spine like adding weight to the broadhead.

I'm in a similar boat as I need to add some weight to meet the minimum, but I only need to add 20 grains or so.

Can anyone speak to using something like I mentioned?

From: Kurt
See how your arrows shoot with 150 gr fieldpoints and broadheads and 100 gr heads and additional weight added to the insert if possible. Looks to me like your existing arrows would work OK at your draw and poundage.

From: LKH
Let's see, you're spending megabucks to do this hunt and you're worrying about a couple sets of arrows? Look at it from the positive side. Those heavy arrows would work great out of a tree stand. Maybe quiet your bow a bit?

From: mountainman
I ended up buying new arrows(CX piledrivers) for my ox hunt. They came in just above 525 using a brass insert and 125gr head.

I tried weight tubes before I bought new arrows. My arrows seemed to be more squirrely when I used them. I'm sure they work well for some folks.

I took my normal arrows(440 gr) with me as well as the heavy ones, and brought a second sight. Since the musk ox was done first, when it was time for caribou I switched out the sight and my arrows. Took some shoots to make sure I was still on and went after caribou.

From: Bou'bound
You don't need a whole different set of arrows for ox you need about 3 arrows. you will kill him at 25 yards on day 1.

Just use your back up sight for the caribou. You will spend a lot more time hunting caribou than ox and your existing arrows are fine for them.

From: Stekewood
My buddy used Piledrivers with brass inserts and 125 Magnus Stingers. I used 6mm FMJ with brass insert and 125gr. Viper Trick. We were right in that same 525-550 range. We both had one shot kills with complete pass throughs with mid-upper 60's draw weights.

From: Hawkeye
Mine we're 420 at about 280 fps with slick trick magnums. Worked great.

From: LKH
Hawkeye, I'm going to assume you didn't read the opening post very carefully or that you are admitting to being a violator. Your choice.

From: Matt
I would change broadheads before arrows. Either way, you should be fine.

From: Nick Muche
"I would change broadheads before arrows. "

Yep, a Rage would be ideal with those heavy arrows.

From: olebuck
throw some 150 grain Iron will broad heads on there and go kill one. you will be in the money.

From: 6-GOLD
I have shot both of them with 50lbs Gt 35/55 100gr slick trick bh never had any problem, I watched the Muskox drop maybe 30yards. Dont over think it, just make good shots, no problem.6-gold

From: Drop tine
I was in the exact same boat as you except with a slightly shorter draw length. I shot the same arrows with a 125 gr Silver Flame and put a brass insert up front. That put me at 537 gr. I had a pass through and one arrow kill. If I was doing caribou as well I would bring another sight and arrows. For me these arrows lead to big sight gaps and I wouldn't be comfortable shooting longer distances with them.

From: Ziek
If your arrow is stiff enough to shoot well with more weight up front, it's MUCH easier to just use a heavier BH. VPA makes about the best BHs on the market and their 3 blade 150 is about as good a BH as you can find.

From: sticksender
BowmanMD, I'm doing that same 2-species hunt this fall. Here's my ammo plan. My normal setup is Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos 300's @ 28 inches long with 100 gr heads for a TAW of 450 grains. I'll be carrying 3 of the same arrows except tipped with heavier 175 grain VPA terminators. That way I meet the 525 minimum TAW for Ox. Since I was already slightly over-spined, so far those seem to shoot fine out to 40 yards. After the Ox is down, I'll go back to my normal 100 grain heads for caribou and the potentially longer shots.

From: BowmanMD
Great thoughts and thanks for the input. I think my spine will be stiff enough to go with the heavier heads, so I might try that first. Wasp has a great coc 150gr head and I'll check out the VPA's, too. Iron will is a little on the pricy side for heads I will probably only shoot once since I'll probably go back to 100g or 125g, but I am thinking about trying them out in the future. I certainly don't want to "go cheap" on gear on a high dollar hunt, but making it work with the equipment I already have seems efficient and logical, if I can do it. I'm also considering just bringing a back up bow and maybe have it set for musk ox and then my other bow for caribou. Decisions, decisions.

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