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From: olebuck
over the years i have became a cow pea planting fanatic.

a few years ago i started planting Joint Vetch along with my peas, both at approx A 50% RATE. my results have been outstanding!

This year i have purchased 100lbs of alyce clover to try in a few areas.

here is my plan.

plant alyce clover and joint vetch together - plant by tilling / cultipacking / seeding / culitpacking.

once that is completed i plan to use my two row planter to add a few rows of cow peas and possibly sunflowers as well. Iin my experience with planting these as a stand alone plot have all been mediocre.

1. vetch - stand alone - limited use untill mid october - then hit harder

2. Cow peas - heavy use initially - until they are gone, which usually only take a few weeks since they are grazed heavy.

3. Alyce clover - limited use during its life span, it has great protien and covers ground well.

4. sunflowers - very heavy use early, usually a small plot will be eaten down before its established.

mixing cow peas and vetch - top notch mix - they grow similar heights, and the vetch slows the grazing down of the peas - last time i planted this mix - i had deer from establishment to frost.

hoping to have similar results by mixing these planting with the alyce clover.

From: drycreek
That's good info. I get away with IC peas on a couple properties because the deer density is not too high, but another one that I hunt is almost impossible to get over six weeks out of them. I'm trying a Sunn Hemp/IC pea mix this year just to see what happens. This particular plot will have to be terminated before hunting season though, because it's a spring/summer plot only as it's situated downwind (mostly) from where I hunt.

Eagle Brand forage soybeans grow unbelievably fast and will keep coming back no matter how heavy the grazing. I use the RR Gamekeeper variety. For the price concious and non GMO crowd they also produce conventional forage beans with the same never say day/super growth traits and are much less $$.

From: nutritionist
My go to summer mixes for the deep south include a deer and bird mix that has soybeans, sunflowers, buckwheat, sunn hemp and grain sorghum. A 4 bean blend that contains cowpeas, lablab, forage soybeans and trailing soybeans. I also have a 3 way clover mix that has crimson clover, berseem clover and balansa clover. That mix has done well even during summer heat stress.

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