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Woodsman Climber by Muddy
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EF Hutton 07-Jun-18
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From: EF Hutton
Anyone have this or tried it ?

From: JTV
I have the Muddy Stalker, got it late last season, it has the cables instead of the chains, chain are the newer version.. I'd rather have the cables .... I have yet to hunt out of it ...I put the Thirdhand Stabilizer straps on it which is a must for climbers IMO, and have the just Shoulder Straps for it for now... the idea I want to try, is to wear my Fanny Pack and wear the climber OVER it, to take weight off the Climber and my shoulders ...

I have the TSS system on my LW/Sticks and the only way I can use it because of the belt, is to strap the fanny pack on to it, along with additional gear... well, that takes the weight to 40ish lbs (+-)... if I dont strap the fanny pack to the Climber, I'm saving about 8-10 lbs on my back by wearing the fanny ... (weight distribution is different)

so, anyways, Ive only used the Stalker on a neighbors tree, not in a hunting situation yet... it seemed easy enough to climb with, and as a Stand only with only the shoulder straps comes in at 21 lbs ..... Ive thought about getting the XOP Support System for it, they bought out Game Plan Gear and the TSS, but then I'd have to strap the fanny pack on to it, and up goes the weight again..... I'll make my decision before season, I'll still use the LW/sticks with the TSS because I can go up more trees than the climber, but when I have the one perfect location, I want to use the climber ...

From: EF Hutton
You’d be surprised how well we make do with a climber here in the deep south. We have been using climbers so long, they are as common as iced tea. I keep a couple of stik ladder pieces stashed way back in. These i use when the first 4 feet of a tree is fat, such as water tupelo, cypress, etc. Also, we often have two trees close together in the right spot. One or both are usually good for the climber. We swing into the other once up and hang our accessories on the other tree. I’ve climbed funky trees, though not high just for a specific hunt to beat the wind. Usually we hunt high 25 to 30 feet. Fast, quiet, then pull the stand after dark and stash it on the trail for the next morning. These accomplishments are positive factors of the climber, that you won’t realistically pull off with fixed position.

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