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True DIY 67 02-Oct-14
He's back.... 8 02-Oct-14
Just bad luck 5 02-Oct-14
My CO Hunt of a Lifetime 53 02-Oct-14
Elk broadheads? 41 02-Oct-14
Would you kill him? 77 02-Oct-14
I know what he scored - how good R U? Field Judge Request 174 02-Oct-14
Extreme Elk Magazine - Montana Elk Hunt 43 02-Oct-14
Canada declaration form 16 02-Oct-14
Deer relating to Corn.... 1 02-Oct-14
Receiver Hitch Skinning Pole/Gambrel 22 02-Oct-14
Bucket List Bull 125 02-Oct-14
Shooting with an Overdraw 9 02-Oct-14
The Dark Knight - Oct-02 Mobile live hunt from Ct 32 02-Oct-14
A nice buck. Field Judge Request 27 02-Oct-14
Got my deer back !!! 19 02-Oct-14
Fatal Bear Attack 24 02-Oct-14
Help with fletching adhesion 6 02-Oct-14
Extreme Lunacy! 21 02-Oct-14
So long Oregon 10 02-Oct-14
20 more days Blacktail Bob &I do Az 397 02-Oct-14
CO Plains Archery 15 2 02-Oct-14
Best trail camera 46 02-Oct-14
2014 Moose Meatpole 34 02-Oct-14
Best elk pic ever? 32 02-Oct-14
JHA 2014 119 02-Oct-14
TBM Pic Weak Elk Hunt Recap 180 02-Oct-14
Scumbags 29 02-Oct-14
Semi-Live Colorado Elk Bowhunt - Discuss 53 02-Oct-14
WY bear kills texas hunter 5 02-Oct-14
Black Bear/Fish Combo? 16 02-Oct-14
Shark with a Bow 8 02-Oct-14
Muddy Vantage Treestand 7 02-Oct-14
My 2014 Stone Sheep Hunt 113 02-Oct-14
Feral Pig Problem in Virginia? 22 02-Oct-14
watching him grow 14 02-Oct-14
Last Year at This Time...... 32 02-Oct-14
Mule Deer Meatpole 90 02-Oct-14
Nikon EDG 65 Spotter angled any good? 2 02-Oct-14
Bulls of Misty mnt.(pic heavy0 93 02-Oct-14
Need Kill Photos Cleaned Up? 2014 53 02-Oct-14
inventory reduction at BIgJIms !! 11 02-Oct-14
2014 blacktail meatpole 32 02-Oct-14
New Zealand Red Stag advice? 8 02-Oct-14
Acorns For Planting 12 02-Oct-14
My little girl got it done 80 02-Oct-14
GT hunters vs expedition whaaaa??? 8 02-Oct-14
15 year quest for a Shiras Moose 32 02-Oct-14
Father/son success 23 01-Oct-14
2014 Meatpole 264 01-Oct-14
Pa hunting affected by manhunt 20 01-Oct-14
Successful WY backpack hunt 48 01-Oct-14
Were you successful? 8 01-Oct-14
Eagle Eye - Oct-01 Mobile live hunt from Ct 26 01-Oct-14
Early fall grain trial results 3 01-Oct-14
Grande Prairie, Alberta Taxidermist...? 5 01-Oct-14
Red vs white clover 8 01-Oct-14
what unit in colorado bow with 7 points 17 01-Oct-14
Best new pocket camera 7 01-Oct-14
30% discount at cabelas bargain cave 9 01-Oct-14
Let's see your Moose with Papa Bear Adv 9 01-Oct-14
My Quest for Papa Grande - NM Adventure 40 01-Oct-14
Pat Please Donate To Such A Worthy Cause 11 01-Oct-14
Bow hunter kills Bear with knife? 14 01-Oct-14
feet burn after walking all day, Why? 33 01-Oct-14
Our heart is broken- Shiloh Ranch 80 01-Oct-14
Buckiller - Sep-29 Mobile live hunt from Ct 7 01-Oct-14
Jackson hole butchers 6 01-Oct-14
Semi-Live MT Public Land Elk Hunt 42 01-Oct-14
Not Satisfied 33 01-Oct-14
Leaving this Saturday 42 01-Oct-14
Wyoming Preference Point Deadline 13 01-Oct-14
T-355 days and counting.... 17 01-Oct-14
TBM Deer Diary 2014 Season 48 01-Oct-14
Will this Ohio 7 pt make P&Y? Field Judge Request 78 30-Sep-14
The " Rookie" 73 30-Sep-14
bats roost in hunting blinds! 9 30-Sep-14
Annual Elk Camp pics 134 30-Sep-14
Seven Devils backpack elk hunt 88 30-Sep-14
Alaska trail camera 25 30-Sep-14
60X Sept $100 Gift Card Giveaway 7 30-Sep-14
First Archery Elk Hunt-Public DIY NM 54 30-Sep-14
clearshot peep 1 30-Sep-14
Msteezy - Sep-30 Mobile live hunt from Ct 12 30-Sep-14
Jack Harris - Sep-30 Mobile live hunt from NJ 17 30-Sep-14
My hunt with Rocking R 25 30-Sep-14
part 2 sheep mount 51 30-Sep-14
New Mexico Elk Outfitters 9 30-Sep-14
Werner Ranch 2014 17 30-Sep-14
300 spine? 16 30-Sep-14
Moose meat...what to do 19 30-Sep-14
New Area 7 30-Sep-14
Woooohoooooo! 121 30-Sep-14
Reflections on a goat hunt 60 30-Sep-14
Learning to Call 15 30-Sep-14
MN Hunger kills 500 lb Bear with knife 3 30-Sep-14
Author Responding to Envronmentalist 12 30-Sep-14
Maine or Canada? 147 30-Sep-14
Meat Pole 2014 89 30-Sep-14
Sad Day!!! Total Bummer 34 30-Sep-14

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Current Features
Join Charlie Rehor, Bert Stelly, and others on a high country elk bowhunt! SEMI-LIVE COLORADO ELK BOWHUNT

We put Moultrie's new 2014 flagship trail camera to the test! MOULTRIE 1100I TRAIL CAM REVIEW

Barry Wensel gives you 8 tips as you start hanging those stands in preparation for the 2014 Fall Season! 8 TREESTAND DETAILS - BY BARRY WENSEL

Community Forum
#description# Videos
A super lightweight, inexpensive way to bag your elk quarters in the field

Elk Field Care: Using Panty Hose for Game Bags
by elkmtngear

Self filmed my Utah Spike Bow Kill and Recovery

Utah Spike Bull Arrow Shot
by Charlie Rehor

The VPA 3 blade fixed broad head comes out of the elk without a nick!

Elk Frontal Shot Arrow Recovery
by Charlie Rehor

 Took this doe approximately 7am after seeing four other does that never presented a shot. Took her at 18 yards with My Elite Pure shooting Beaman ISh Hunters and Wasp Z-Force Broadheads

Opening day doe
by Zack

Bowsite reviews the new Moultrie 1100i Trail Camera.

Bowsite Reviews the 2014 Moultrie 1100i Trail Cam
by Pat Lefemine

CT 9 pt trail cam

CT 9 pt
by nehunter

The boys headed to Georgia for opening day of bow season!

Opening Day Bow Kill!
by Catchdog

Chris and Blake show off their top hit list bucks….

Big Buck Hit List
by TrophyPursuit

Josh Martin gets his last food plot in the ground….

Food Plots and Prep Work
by TrophyPursuit

Mark Luster kills a monster whitetail

187inch Giant!
by TrophyPursuit

Trailer for a video on bowhunting hunting Tahr in the Southern Alps of New Zealand including how to information.

Himalayan Tahr in New Zealand
by Downunder58

BowTech RPM 360

Giraffe Hunt
by African Barefoot Saf

This is a video I made to show other hunters how to plant a food plot even if they dont have access to farm equipment.

How to plant a food plot with no tractor
by Perry

My Kids First Kills On Video.

This is what it's about.
by DC

On a recent Elk scouting trip I brought the video camera along to capture some of the many forms of wildlife that surround this Montana town. Gorgeous country as you'll see

Wildlife of Gardiner, Montana
by LeSausage

50 yd shot, 60 yd recovery

Spot & Stalk Antelope 2014
by BowCrossSkin

Luke Russell returns to Namibia with Englebrecht Safaris for his big Kudu bull.

A Kudu for my son
by Jerry Russell

5th day I finally got him.

AZ sot & stalk
by glass eye

August 2014

Plotwatcher August
by nehunter

When we were Black Bear Hunting in Montana we walked up on a Ruffed Grouse on his drumming log. You can hear him for miles it felt like. 

***For best sound wear head phones***

Ruffed Grouse Drumming UP CLOSE
by Mr_steve

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