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Wyoming Results? 9 02-May-16
Elk Broadhead 234 02-May-16
400 Miles: A September Saga 273 02-May-16
Discuss Knight and Hale Turkey Interview 12 02-May-16
Columbian Blacktail pics and score 10 02-May-16
Would you know where to shoot? 43 02-May-16
Calling Elk Or Glassing Elk? 16 02-May-16
at what elevation do you hunt turkey? 10 02-May-16
This is not meant to offend, but, 155 02-May-16
UV Activated Glue 1 02-May-16
Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade Review 6 01-May-16
Pine Acres Camp Spring 2016 18 01-May-16
light weight sleeping bag 40 01-May-16
Finally, getting to mount some of my own 49 01-May-16
anyody have osteoarthritis in shoulder? 25 01-May-16
Cabelas Alaskan Guide tent on sale 4 01-May-16
The best hunter you know or knew. 49 01-May-16
Corn and soybeans - skipped rowed 17 01-May-16
Heads up: I may be charged with a Felony 113 01-May-16
After lasik 20 01-May-16
Matthews please urgent!! 8 01-May-16
What apps do you guys use? 23 01-May-16
Tips to reduce grasses in clover plots 3 01-May-16
Broad head target????? 53 01-May-16
What's everyone wearing? 124 01-May-16
Keeping elk meat frozen on ride home 39 01-May-16
New Mexico unit 13 3 01-May-16
New Mexico Unit 15 who's going? 13 01-May-16
DIY Hunting Maps - New Sponsor 47 01-May-16
Major changes for Ontario bear 2017 13 01-May-16
BP purchase of Cabela's getting close 55 01-May-16
Spot,Stalk and Signaling? 6 01-May-16
Silk Bag Iiner worth it? Wash bag often? 22 01-May-16
An Interesting Experience - Poll 20 01-May-16
2016 OFFICIAL wild turkey meat pole #2 38 01-May-16
Question for Bitzenburger jig users: 19 01-May-16
2016 BEAR SUCCESS THREAD 15 01-May-16
Hitler Finds Out the WY Draw Results 7 01-May-16
About time to replace the string 4 01-May-16
severe shoulder & upper arm pain 30 01-May-16
Boradhead type for barren ground caribou 12 01-May-16
Desjardins bear hunt 2016 135 01-May-16
Just now - what a loser 48 01-May-16
White turkeys today 12 01-May-16
Turkeys and Rain 3 01-May-16
LED color for headlamp 7 01-May-16
Looking to purchase elk land in colorado 46 01-May-16
Booking a 2x1 hunt 28 01-May-16
montana elk is up 32 01-May-16
Co unit 231 or 681 for OTC 10 01-May-16
JHA 2016 27 01-May-16
New Mexico unit 13 elk 24 01-May-16
Montan sheep, moose goat apps due Monday 3 01-May-16
2014 Recurve buck mount finished 14 01-May-16
North Mountain 2016 34 01-May-16
Shot some bigheads! 10 01-May-16
Thumb up for BBC world news 4 30-Apr-16
August Archery Coues Deer 14 30-Apr-16
QAD Ultra rest HDX on Elite Synergy 11 30-Apr-16
Mike's Outfitting 2016 Alberta Bear Hunt 31 30-Apr-16
What are the odds... 23 30-Apr-16
Recommend a "do it all" pack..... 75 30-Apr-16
Anyone want to go? 2 30-Apr-16
Shiloh Ranch Pics #1a 76 30-Apr-16
Turkeys that hang up .... 8 30-Apr-16
Is it worth getting a KS PP? 13 30-Apr-16
Huntstand or Scout Look 9 30-Apr-16
Beginner Questions 22 30-Apr-16
What Is This Deer Crossed With! 9 30-Apr-16
Sitka Saturday on Camofire Today 2 30-Apr-16
Bowtech Archer 0880 - Apr-30 Mobile live hunt from OH 7 30-Apr-16
Let's talk High Country mule deer... 162 30-Apr-16
Spring Bears in Idaho 9 30-Apr-16
Do Elk Come In Downwind? 36 30-Apr-16
Been Skunked on a Cougar Hunt 21 30-Apr-16
VT moose lottery open 10 30-Apr-16
Nv. Tag Quota's 2016 1 30-Apr-16
Beestingers $50 on Camofire 1 30-Apr-16
RMEF Colorado Castle Rock banquet invite 1 29-Apr-16
how close to the roost can you get 19 29-Apr-16
Arizona deer regs 5 29-Apr-16
More tags for Utah 2016 3 29-Apr-16
Beast in the office 21 29-Apr-16
African Hunters Keep Your Eyes Open 8 29-Apr-16
2 Aoudad Rams - West Texas 26 29-Apr-16
Spraying grass in clover plots 33 29-Apr-16
Draw odds question for the math guys 36 29-Apr-16
Elk coming in to your call 42 29-Apr-16
Wyoming Moose Draw 17 29-Apr-16
New Mexico Draw Results 97 29-Apr-16
Double spurs both legs 21 29-Apr-16
Wyoming Weather Forecast Gone Wrong 29 29-Apr-16
Iowa Deer 2 29-Apr-16
Discuss our 2015 DeerBuilder Seed Review 32 29-Apr-16
Antelope hunt outfitter 12 29-Apr-16
Older binary cam BH Tuning problem 30 29-Apr-16
Another Nice Bitterroot Shed 7 29-Apr-16
Familiar with Colorado 17 29-Apr-16
Forest service cabin on the Kenai 7 29-Apr-16
Rocket Steelheads 100 65 28-Apr-16

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Current Features
Combined they have 100 years of turkey hunting experience and they share it freely with all of you in this Turkey hunting Q&A INTERVIEW WITH TURKEY EXPERTS - KNIGHT AND HALE

Our Annual Food Plot Seed Review is now online. Check out some really incredible results this year! 2015 FOOD PLOT SEED REVIEW ON DEERBUILDER poses this controversial question while objectively discussing the pros and cons of GMO's for deer. SHOULD GMO'S BE USED IN FOOD PLOTS?

Community Forum
#description# Videos
It only took one arrow to drop this huge hog; he only went 15 yards.

Huge Hog Bow Kill!
by Bowhuntr64

Our Client hunts with Mike's Outfitting in Alberta and shoots a Big Bear!

Big Bear from a ground blind!
by Mike Ukrainetz

May 30th 2015 Turkey hunt in Upstate New York. We had a pretty tough season but were able to wrap our tags around a few birds before it was all said and done. This final hunt of 2015 was a perfect representation of what we dealt with throughout the spring. It all started with guys hunting the same field as us opening morning, our scouted bird getting shot out of the roost on state land, missing a triple beard due to high winds (and improper blind use...) and the typical henned up gobblers. We pushed through the season, adapted and it all came together at the end. What a season!

Broad Spectrum 2015 Turkey Hunt-Doublin Down
by upstatearcher

Missouri turkey hunt

Turkey double
by eatsleephunt

3 turkeys killed in 24 hours

3 turkeys in 24 hours
by bowcrazyJRHCO

Big old Giraffe bull goes down with one shot. Hunted with Vieranas Hunting Safaris in Namibia.

Broadside shot on Giraffe Bull
by Vieranas

EFOC affects on arrow penetration

EFOC demonstrations
by Sapcut

PlotWatcher CT Bear, Turkeys and Deer

CT Bear, Turkey and Deer
by nehunter

Turkey taken in Oregon. Bird hung up so I switched from a bullhead arrow to a regular setup and when the bird gave me the opportunity I took the shot.

Slow motion turkey archery kill
by Dan Mallia

2015 Elk hunt

Hunt with Intention
by Honor the hunt

Watch how effective this plot grows after the weeds get killed off. Then see one of the bucks that showed up to feast on the GMO Soybeans.

Time Lapse of my GMO Soybean Food Plot
by Pat Lefemine

Coyote on trail cam

by Bowtech Archer 0880

After hunting elk with archery equipment for the last forty years Mike finds himself still trying to tag his first branched antlered bull. After battling several injuries and setbacks over the last recent years Mike fights back and finds himself with a branched antlered crossbow tag in his pocket. With his sons, Andrew and Tyson, Mike looks to end this 40 year pursuit. Enjoy!

The 40 Year Pursuit
by Mr_steve

We start off this week with a quick Alabama youth hunt with our buddy John Dawson Bell, then we're answering your questions on how to manage your property in the south.

Improve Your Hunting Land in the South
by Hagy

Use your 2nd through 3rd choice draw strategies to help draw more tags or get female tags in the trophy unit you're saving up for!

Colorado Draw Strategies
by DIYHuntingMaps

Joey got her Impala this past August with One on One Safaris.  It was her first African Animal and first bow kill.

Joey's Impala
by Throck

Jake Love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jakes and DSD
by Timbrhuntr

Trevon Stoltzfus with Outback Outdoors sits down with me to review the new Premium Stats at

Colorado Premium Stats
by DIYHuntingMaps

CA turkey gets decapped at 7 yards

Tom gets Bullhead
by Dan Mallia

Watch how well the Woods SB84C snow blower does on 24 inches of snow in Northern New York.

Review of the Woods SB84C Snow Blower
by Pat Lefemine

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