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alsea or stott mt elk help?
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From: Elkbugle34
Anyone here ever hunt alsea or stott mt unit for elk? any help would be appreciated on places to try.


From: borntohunt80
I have hunted alot up west fork indian creek . Smoot ridge area. Lots of gated roads and its not hard to get into elk. Steep country but worth the time!!

From: GWH

From: grey wolf
Indian Creek, Ten Mile, Fairview Mtn., N. FK. Siuslaw, Big Creek, Rock Greek, Bob Creek, Green River, Cascade Creek, Buck Creek, Dick's Fork, Skunk Creek, Cannibal Mtn.

All are good for elk and steeper than a cow's face...well, maybe not Dick's Fork, it's just thick and brushy.

The problem with the Alsea and the Stott isn't finding areas that hold good numbers of elk, it's finding the fortitude to dive off into those deep, dark drainages. The herds are buried now from being hammered during rifle season, but if you work at it you could still find a cow. The last weekend is better than the first, because they start to show again after all that hunting pressure. It's a good time to look at grassy meadows just before dark, and they'll be feeding what's left of the Elderberry and Thimbleberry, and starting on the little trees. They like young cedars.

From: Snag
Big storm coming in! Might want to let it blow over before heading to the coast...90mph winds! Might effect arrow flight a bit...

From: wacker
So what does an elk do in a 90mph wind?go into the deepest darkest hellhole,or go stand in the clearcuts and small openings where the trees arnt coming down all over???Thought about running down to burnt woods in the am but arrow flight and buckin trees out of the road all day might blow....any thoughts,ideas,or sugestions....

From: grey wolf
They stand around in the clearcuts. Good time to hunt elk.

From: wacker
Thanks GW thats kinda what I was thinkin. Cal

From: Tree Killer
"Big storm coming in! Might want to let it blow over before heading to the coast...90mph winds! Might effect arrow flight a bit."

But just think of all the speed you'll gain if you shoot downwind!!! LOL

From: Snag
Didn't think of that TK. Might get 300fps out of this Blacktail! lol

From: OregonHunter
From the camp at big elk, past harlen...take grant creek all the way to the 1000 road and take a left...go a few miles and you will come into a lot of clear cuts..saw a really nice bull in there during deer/rifle season...went back during elk (rifle) but there was a storm then and it was all i could do to walk in that stuff. But there are elk up there for sure, and lots and lots of good clearcuts. I've decided to switch over to bowhunting now...hehe (get wiser with age right?). good luck.

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