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Wild Boar hunting in Ohio?
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From: Grandviewer
Anybody have any good location information as to where the wild pigs are in Ohio? The States says they are doing all sort of damage so what public land can one find them to hunt? Any clues or definite sightings?

Reason is I'd like to bow hunt them if I knew just where to start. Thanks for anybody's information.

From: BuckeyeBuck
I hear they are in Vinton County. Maybe you can check with the Game Warden there.

From: Standman
Go to ODNR web site and do a search- "wild boar distribution map". You can download a color or black and white map. I hunt Vinton Co. and they are near McArther. Good Luck!!! There are a few that think they are cool and release them, they are very distructive and need to be kept well in check.

From: Grandviewer
Standman yea thanks, I know the stories of how some high fence operation / outfitter released his boars for some odd ball reason. It was in that part of the State too. The State has a proposal for stopping any operation from importing the wild boar into the State because of that situation. I'm interested in what public land has a herd to hunt. I had read somewhere about Tar Hollow State Park having wild hogs or boars in it doing damage but I have not talked to anyone that has laid eyeballs on them. I was guessing somebody on here would have some better information to post.

From: Standman
I have talked to some that say the are having a problem with boar in the Amish community around Portsmith. Sorry I could't get any more than that. Tom

From: Grandviewer
Hey thanks Tom. That's farther down south than I was told the problem area was. But it does not surprise me.

From: cowboy
talked to a man saterday that has some land owners he hunts off of down in vinton co . he swears they have hods running on there property . but , they wont let anybody hunt or tell people where they are . he said its a big secret . that way they have them all for them selves . i ask , what are they going to do when the hops expand enough to start tearing up there crop fields . he said he didint know , well up to 15 hogs a litter and two litters a year . it wont take long befor they are crying for help. h

From: Standman
Cowboy, that is what I ran in to, " we know but won't tell."

From: Worm
I live in Athens county, not far from Zalinski state forest. While early deer bowhunting last fall I found a large hog wallow where the power company put up new power line poles. The area is in Vinton co. off of hunt hollow rd. After you turn onto hunt hollow rd drive about 1/2 a mile until you come to the power line cut. There are several places to park along the road. The wallow was on the North (left) side of the road on the other side of the creek. When the acorns are falling you can see where the hogs have been rooting in the creek bed. I never did see any hogs, but the sign is there. Hope this helps, Worm.

From: Grandviewer
Thank you Worm!

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