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Fairfield Lake or Martin Creek Tilapia?
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primalangler 01-May-08
BOBSTER 05-May-08
primalangler 08-May-08
BOBSTER 10-May-08
primalangler 13-May-08
From: primalangler
Hay Guys, a friend and I are coming from KY headed to the Trinity around Crockett, leaving Friday night and staying till Wed., in search of a gator gar. But are also looking for some tilapia to shoot at night. Heard that Fairfield could be good. Has anyone shot Fairfield or Martin Creek Lake? How are the gar doing on the river @ the Lock-N-Dam. Will trade info for Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake through PM.

primalangler, the gar on the Trinity should be good, I cannot help you on the Lakes. Bob

From: primalangler
Bobster, hunted the Trinity hard Sat. and Sun. all day. Say a few but no luck. Think the river is to high and the fish are scattered and not rolling with any consistency. Moved to Fairfield and had a great time with the Tilapia. Thanks, primalangler

That sound great. Post some pics. Bob

From: primalangler

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Bob, sorry about the delay work got in the way. Shot a day and a half (some at night)at Fairfield, untill the hub in the prop started slipping and had to cut it short. Shot 54 Tilapia averaging 2 to 2 1/2 lbs, brought home just over 25 lbs of felays. Had to make longer shots than I'm used to,a good boat length in the day shorter at night. Just wished they had some cabins there or could find some hole in the wall place to stay cheap. Enjoyed it and they tasted great! Looking forward to going back sometime, about 11 or 12 hrs from home.

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