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shothigh 26-Jun-08
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trojan 03-Jul-08
juanday 08-Jul-08
From: shothigh
Anybody know a good place to go bowfishing in the northwest part of the state. My sons want to give it a try.


From: noelkman
Some of the sloughs around the Quality Waters hold carp while the water level is up. Nightime bowfishing is good in some of the canyons on Navajo.

I know of people who bowfish the ditches south of Albuquerque to Socorro. They have good numbers of carp in places. I've seen them around La Joya game refuge.

From: trojan
Lots of carp in the the drainage ditches from from Alb to Socoro. Especially in Peralta, Los Lunas, Tome and Belen.

From: juanday
shothigh, not sure about north west part of state,but the irrigation ditches along the rio grande hold lots of carp. try them in the winter months when water is diverted back to the river. the ditches are shallow and clear. the carp will pool up in deep pockets. it s great fun for kids and adults

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