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Rut in Barbour County
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ClydeWigg3 17-Jul-08
DC 23-Jul-08
Callie 25-Jul-08
From: ClydeWigg3
When does the rut typically occur in Barbour County, AL?

From: DC
I'll try to answer the best way I can. Most would say in mid Jan. But the truth is Bama has been stocked with various deer from different states and different counties within Alabama. What I believe influences the rut is the Moon phase once the daylight hours shorten. For example 1. In October if you count 7 to 10 days backwards from the full moon then you have the rut in parts of south east Alabama near the Georgia line. This can vary some. 2. Do the same for the month of Nov. and you have the rut in the north west portion of Alabama. 3. For the month of Dec. you have the majority of the central part of Alabama. 4. If you look at Jan then you will have the southern portion of Alabama. All this can vary from one area to another, but if you pinpoint the rut in an area then most likely it will be the same year after year. What I look for are the scrapes. When I see the first bunch of fresh scrapes in an area then I know a doe or some does are getting close. This is usually the oldest does that come in heat first. When the scrapes go cold I want to be where that old doe is. ( This wont last long) When I see the next batch of fresh scrapes appear; then By now the scrape lines are established and I can find the travel route and will look for funnles or get next to doe bed areas and hunt them until the scrapes go cold and then switch to doe bed areas and will hunt the does travel routes. This can all happen over night so contiuous scouting is sometimes a must. If you can find a rut area then hunt it religiously during the rut. All Does dont come into heat at the same time just like all Bass dont go on bed at the same time. You will have a peak in any given area each year. I hope this helps. Every Hunter has his own opinions as to what seems to work best for them. This is what I do. I would be very interested in what others have to say about this. Good Subject!

From: Callie
Average peak in Barbour county is January 16-24th.

Minor breeding periods are 28 days before and 28 days post that week respectively.

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