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Camo Face paint who uses it? best one?
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joyofelk 25-Sep-08
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From: joyofelk
I got a severe case of buck fever this year while hunting, I missed two elk at 20 yards and then arrowed a nice bull through the lower main (neck skin wound) by mid September I was 0 for 3.

I attributed my bad shooting it to very bad claustrophobia induced by my face mask (even though it was netting). Funny this happened now after ten years bow hunting but it did.

Anyway as soon as I switched to face camo my shot confidence returned and my next shot opportunity I placed the arrow dead on and downed a very nice bull within 40 steps of the shot location. The camo face paint I used was a vintage pack (quite a few years old) and given to me by a friend. It worked very well but had quite a distinct smell. I was wondering what the preferences is out there for camo face paints? And if anyone has experimented with different brands etc? What is the best? Can you out there help me eliminate the experimentation?

I think my face mask days are over. How many others hunt with face paint over a face mask? Any pros and cons? Thanks JoyOf Elk

I am about to give up the face mask too. I tried the face paint from WalMart on my ND hunt a few weeks ago and it was good. It was hard to get off in some spots though.

The thing is if you watch videos so many people do not wear face paint or a mask. I have thought about just going without anything. My facial hair after a day has to take some of the glare off my face.

From: Ziek
I can't imagine ever going back to that stuff! However, when I used it, the most convenient to use came in chapstick type tubes. Not using anything might work if all you do is hunt from treestands or groundblinds, but it's definitely beneficial for spot and stalk or still hunting.

From: joyofelk
Good point, I grew a beard this season for the first time to help with breaking up my outline. But I get so close to the elk they often freeze and look strait at me locking on to the face/eyes many bolt or hang.

The eyes and face seem to be such a visable marker to most game animals. I think on a primos or Hunter Specialties hunt on private land you can play the multiple odds with no face protection, but I sure dont want to squnader my hard earned set ups and get busted on a bull of a lifetime in close?

From: joyofelk
Ziek: I must admit it was quite a shock for me to put on makeup before the hunt, it is messy but it sure helped me focus on my anchor point and aim when under pressure, I was less flusterd with nothing on my face or head. like everything else its a trade off. Thanks JoyOfElk

I used the new stuff from Cabelas this year work great and comes of easy with unscented wipes or wash cloth.Alot easyer to remove than the waxy stuff that comes in the little green case.

From: Skeeter

Skeeter's Link
I have heard this is good, but haven't tried it for myself.

From: Bobmuley
Face painter most of the time. Especially if its hot or cold.

I can't stand having anything cover my ears. It throws off my hearing.

Its always there, no need for another movement.

From: Ermine

Ermine's embedded Photo
Ermine's embedded Photo
For elk, I dont where make up or a face mask. I have never had a problem being busted. I do carry a make up kit in my pack in case I need to camo up for a hunt, but never put it on. The bulls never seem to mind my shiny smooth face. Ha

From: Jbones31
I use the Hunters Specialties "Camo Compac" I think it is no funky smell, washes off pretty easy with soap and watter. Got it at sportsmans

From: Butts
What is the Cabela's stuff?I use the hunter specialty paint that has the mirror. I get good mojo feeling wearing it. It worked yesterday anyway. Got home at 4:15 a.m. mega work. Never heard of the brand Skeeter mentioned.

From: sisabdulax
Larr d jones has his line which is good s well. I think his site is jonescalls.com

If you want something that will stay on all day without needing a touch up, try green food coloring. It works great but is a bugger to get off.

From: KHunter
Bill that reminds me of my eldest brother's jolly green giant halloween costume fiasco. He was green for like a week from the food coloring. Caught a lot of flak at school but I am sure bowhunters would be more understanding. Ha.

From: Arwhead
Carbo-Mask; goes on wet and then dries quickly. Easy to remove with baby wipes. Yeah, the same baby wipes we all carry to clean up after gutting an animal:)Also can remove with water and a rag or t-shirt but sometimes the black does not wash out...

From: Carnivore
I just pull a chunk of charcoal out of the fire pit and use it like a crayon. I believe it's the same ingredient that is in Carbo-Mask.

From: Homeless Jim
www.dearbloodymary.com has tri color kits and the black chap-stick size tubes. All I ever use is the black. It doesn't dry and removes hard with wipes but comes off easily with soap and water. I am seriously considering using Just For Men on my beard to reduce the amount of grey.

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