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Gonzo 25-Sep-08
wvbowhunter 26-Sep-08
LUCKY DOG 04-Nov-08
From: Gonzo
anyone with info?

From: wvbowhunter
I've talked to the owner over the phone. I got the impression that this is ran like a club but is an attempt to make money on his part. He has 3000 acres leased but none of the roads are gated. They have killed some nice bucks on the property though.

I think this is the hunting club below glen fork in Wyoming County . I think they are from Pa. If they are trying to profit from this lease they are violating the terms of the lease I have leased property from this company for several years and it plainly states you cannot profit from this lease in any way you have hunting rights only . I deal with this company on a pretty regular basis I will have this checked Into.

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