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Thomas canyon recreation area unit 2a?
New Mexico
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frednfrog 29-Nov-08
nwnmaaron 02-Dec-08
Buglmin 03-Dec-08
nwnmaaron 03-Dec-08
frednfrog 03-Dec-08
nwnmaaron 04-Dec-08
butcherboy 07-Dec-08
From: frednfrog
Any body on here ever hunt the Thomas Canyon Recreation area north of La Plata in unit 2a. Looking at it on the map and it appears to be a roadless area is that really the case. Thinking about putting in some of my scouting time over there wondering if someone knew anything about it. Thanks for any help.

From: nwnmaaron
I think I know what you are talking about, I thought it was called Thompson Wash, but I am not sure. There is a BLM spot there with no vehicle access. You will see lots of other bowhunters in there probably. It is hard to explain how to get in there, and you do go through some private.

There are deer there, though. Good luck. PM me if you think this is the spot you are thinking of going, maybe I can help. I did not draw for the Jan hunt this year and I live up that way.

From: Buglmin
You can access the area from Choke Cherry canyon road, the area by the highway is private, so you go trough the canyon. Lots of oilfield roads on top. It ain't that remote.

From: nwnmaaron
If what Buglmin is saying is accurate, then I am thinking you are thinking of a different spot accessed through choke cherry canyon. Good luck with your hunt! Aaron

From: frednfrog
Thanks for the scoop. The area I'm Looking at is right along the boarder with CO on the north and the Ute on the west and Private to the east and south. According to the BLM land status map you access it just before 170 crosses the La Plata.

From: nwnmaaron
yeah, that would be close to Barker. To my knowledge, you can't legally access the area off of the old mine haul road though. Please pm me if you want to know how to get in there. Aaron

From: butcherboy
Hunted in there a few years ago and there were deer everywhere! Of course, there was a lot of snow on the ground and a lot of snow in CO. Saw some really nice ones but could never get close enough. Could have shot my share in smaller bucks but passed on them. I've been hunting up there since I could remember and have even had the old mine security guys "try" to chase me off of BLM land! They lost.

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