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Oregon Bears....Hibernate?
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Elksnout 29-Nov-08
Sir Zonkalot 29-Nov-08
Santiam 29-Nov-08
From: Elksnout
I would like to know if the coastal bears in Oregon hibernate the same as bears in areas that have snow and cold temps. I've never been able to find any info for this area.

From: Sir Zonkalot
I don't know the exact answer either but I can tell you I have seen bears out every month of the year while fishing along the lower Rogue River. It seem that whenever the temp warms up they get out and move some at least down there they do.

From: Santiam
Not much to eat in the winter months...Those that have a food supply, like garbage cans and such near town may stay out...

Those that done't,and thats most of them ,go to sleep until there is something to eat come spring..

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