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Gundog 14-Jan-09
tteel 14-Jan-09
postii 15-Jan-09
From: Gundog
Hi everyone, I'm a long time trad hunter from Arizona looking to get out of state with a couple friends in February to try some hog hunting,around Packsaddle WMA was wonedering if any of you boys knew a good place to start looking? thanks archerat90

From: tteel
They have exploded on packsaddle in the past two years, but they are hard to pattern. I would take your bow and rifle and glass over the river bottom.

From: postii
I would read the current hunting guide. Page 23 indicates that you must be hunting for some thing that is in season. Maybe coyote or rabbit? I would check with the manager or enforcement officer for the area you wish to hunt ie. Pack Saddle.

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