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Buckmasters-Jackie Bushman Scam
New Mexico
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From: nwnmaaron
I thought I would enter in to win a hunt from Buckmasters because, well, it was free, and I would like to bowhunt whitetail deer at least more than the one time I have done in my life. So, I entered in to the deal on the Buckmaster's website and they will not leave me alone now.

They keep sending me letters like I owe them 156.00 and I have "canceled" thier letters about five times. Every time I contact a sales rep, they are really rude and tell me the same thing every time--"send the bill back to us and write "cancel" on it." Anyhow, they now have an official looking "credit research department" thing that I got stating that if I pay, my name will remain in good standing.

This low-life attempt from this company to get money from my dumb XXX is really the pits, and wanted you all to know in case anyone out there is as stupid as me and thinks they can win a free hunt.

I have about had it from all of this TV bowhunt/hunt stuff, where the sponsor ads and the junk like this makes me not watch these programs. Yeah, let regular guys pay you all so you can put this hunt on TV so you can get more sponsors to pay you.

Rant over. Be careful of the free hunt opportunities, i guess...

From: mrelite
Bummer Dude, I never liked that guy or his show.

From: girl hunter
I met the jerk He is a first class asshole

From: vichris
There's lots of info about Buckmasters pulling this kind of crap on most hunting websites. I hope everyone see this one too.

Another really crappy organization is the North American Hunting Club (NAHC). They like to send their members unsolicited junk and then bill them for it. They're another bunch of scammers.

From: new ears
I did it once and had a guy with a southern accent call me offering a "deal" even though I didn't win. Told him I wasn't interested in his "deal ".

I used to enter the big prize drawing and had the exact same thing happen to me . Buckmasters would not leave us alone , called, sent letters , just a pure hassle. They pissed me off so bad I even sold my Buckmasters bow , well it was a piece of crap too! Now I can't stand Jackie or his sorry a$$ show. I really do watch alot of hunting shows too , but Jackie and the Buckmasters suck!

I wished that people in control over at Buckmasters saw alot of these posts , they'ed understand that they drive more people away from thier little organization , because more and more people are seeing that they are nothing more than a counterfiet club!!!Larry

They call me all the time. I used to subscribe years ago. It actually drives my wife crazy.

The irony of this is I used to like the magazine and would have continued to renew if they would just send a renweal in the mail like everybody else.

But no.. they call and they call and they call.

From: jaydog67
i had the same thing happen for the same amount guy called me and told me i need to pay and be responsible and be a man and all that shit i boycott all and anything bushman related now

From: The Janitor
I entered the contest also. They kept callin and hanging up. I called them back after hours and left a ~26 minute recording repeating "do not call 505-xxx-xxxx" (and a few other choice words) I tried to call back again to leave some explicit music from the shock rock group call The Mentors and the message que was full. Too bad...- They never called me again.

From: 1Rudeman
Fortunately for me, I moved and disconnected my phone, so they don't know how to get in touch with me other than by mail and I just toss their crap in the round file.

From: wilbur
I entered the "Free Deer Hunt" contest also. Now when they call I quickly go into my OMG I won routine and don't let them say a word. I just keep saying over and over "I won a free deer hunt I can't believe it!" Then I ask in a very serious tone " I heard that Jackie Bushman is gay and if he is going to be on the hunt how will I protect myself?" I ask if they can assure me that I won't be molested? If they can then I'll consider going on the hunt. Usually at that point they have had enough of my ranting & raving and they end the call.

From: Colt66
Yeah, I thought about entering the free hunt until they told me I needed to subscribe to the magazine, not for 1-2 yrs. but for 5 yrs. These shows do nothing to inform the viewers of tips or tactics, but only a means for self promotion, anyone would have a chance at bucks of the caliber they shoot if we could hunt everyday of the week during the season and not have to worry about punching a clock. Mossy Oaks truth about hunting and Greg Millers pursuit television are the only two shows which try and inform the viewers on different aspects of the hunting setup.

From: WapitiBob
This sounds like a real good contest to sign up some of those special "friends" we all have lurking around.

From: David Alford
When they call, just say "Please hold on a minute, I'll be right back"...set the phone down and do something else. It's their dime.

From: hoytshooter
I have had the same problem.They call my house constantly.I hang up but they will not take a hint. Maybe if they get enough of this they will stop their harrassment.I never watch the hunting shows because..they are all canned hunts anyway. Besides why whisper after the harvest.All the shows are just 3 minutes of the hunt and the rest commericals anyway.

From: darthfett
Something similar happened to me recently. They called me and the way I understood them was they would send an invoice and when I decided to join send it back and my membership would begin. I received a magazine and called and said there was a mistake and to cancel my membership and they agreed. then I got a second magazine and called back to cancel again. They proceeded to tell me there was nothing they can do and I owe over $130.00. they said they can hold my account 45 days before it goes to collections and I told them I could not afford that. Basically he told me I am screwed. Has anyone had this happen and if so did you pay? I am not planning on giving them a cent.

From: butcherboy
I've never been called by them because I don't enter "free" hunts. It's always a scam or something else. For most scammers I ask for their personal phone number, address, social security number, etc. Of course, they won't give it to me and if they ask why I tell them so I can call them at home and harass them. If that doesn't work I just tell them that they are being recorded and that the Better Business Bureau will be notified. It usually ends right there.

From: HDE
Had a similar experience with them (or the magazine) a few years back. They threatened to go to collections and take legal action to get my subcription after a trial period and I told them, well, it wasn't very nice, but they went away.

From: trophyhilll
This should be an easy lesson for those who haven't fallen victim. Remember when you were a kid and were told "if it sounds too good to be true it usually is"? Well this still holds true today. Dont be a sucker ;)

From: earlyriser
He's full of it. When I was younger, I bought a headlamp that he swore up and down was invisible to wild animals. A few short months later, my hunting buddies and I are in the middle of elk heaven and I flip it on. The elk were bugling and being elk in September prior to the light show. They scattered like roaches when I flipped it on. Never again Jackie Bushman....never again.

From: LINK
Not anything new that Jackie Bushman, Bill Jordan and many of these guys are world class douche bags.

From: ohiohunter
A friend and his kid saw bill jordan and wanted an autograph. The kid said bill jordan (pronounced like Michael Jordan) and bill said its "bill jerdan" and walked away... POS if you ask me.

From: LINK
I think Chipper Jones (Major League Poachers) was a little upset when a local rancher didn't know or care who he was when chipper was introduced by name. Funny stuff when these guys think, that just because they can hit a ball or have a pile of cash, that they are something special.

Same thing happen years ago. Stopped when we dropped our land line. Stay away from these low life's

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