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port angeles hunting
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longarrow 21-Jul-09
Buckfvr 21-Jul-09
DWP 21-Jul-09
From: longarrow
hey guys,i was wondering if any of you live in the port angeles area..and could give me any info on hunting around that area for deer maybe elk...also if the park area is all right or you know if there is a late season hunt for deer in that unit...and if there is any bow shops up there...any info good or bad would be great..thanks for your time..john

From: Buckfvr

Steve Morgan. This club is in Port Angeles and they can give you the local low down. R

From: DWP
I used to live there for 16 years or so. There is some pretty good blacktail hunting on timber land both west and east of PA. The elk hunting is good too, but definitely some thick stuff they like to hang out in out on the west end. There is a late deer and elk hunt in 603 I think, and late deer in the Coyle(631?). Check the regs.

PM me if you need more info.


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