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Unit 15 vs 16E
New Mexico
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pendlet 23-Aug-09
Bronc@work 23-Aug-09
bullbreath 24-Aug-09
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pendlet 26-Aug-09
From: pendlet
I have an opportunity to hunt the third archery season in either unit 15 or 16e. If you had a choice what are your opinion on which to choose?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

From: Bronc@work
If you have horses and are looking for a trophy I would hunt 16E. There is a down side to 16E. The number of elk in 16E is lower and getting to them is very physical. If you are just looking to kill an elk 15 would be easier. There are numerous roads in 15 and alot of elk. Depends on what you are looking for.

From: bullbreath
I would go with unit 15. Its alot easier hunt.

From: vichris
15 for sure. Alot more elk and they've had much more rain/snow this year. Also much more public land, more access, primative weapons only, and more water holes. It's really a no brainer.

From: mrelite
I would go for 16E because I am going to take the only big bull in 15 on the 1st hunt!

That is unless he gets untied before I get there then he might be around for the third hunt but he will still have to get by my friends during the second hunt!

Which one is less expensive? My guess is 16 will be cheaper or is the tags the same price? If you are buying a tag then they should be able to direct you to some good areas in 16 and in 15. You will have a blast in either unit!

From: boonerbuck
I'll be in 16e for the second archery hunt. Got a couple game plans. The best plan is to enjoy the hunt and experience. I live out of state and don't get to enjoy New Mexico maybe once ayear. Enjoy your hunt either way.

From: Fulldraw
Hey JP,

If you don't get him on the first hunt, I promise, he won't make it to th third........

Sure appreciate you......See you on the 7th!

From: WapitiBob
The quality of the hunt and animals are reflected in the cost of the tag and the draw odds. A trailing index if you will. 16E LO tags are less than half of a 15 tag.

From: xpertelkhtr
Hey pendlet, theres no question 15 is the unit u want, a lot more bulls PSM , just more elk means more opportunity. 16 hard to get into and has two small mtn ranges with less elk #'s, and its very dry. you'll have more options and opportunity and have flexibilty and just a better hunt!...

From: pendlet
Unit 15 here I come. Thanks to all who responsed.

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