Any Gun Law experts on here?
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From: Will
I'm going to check with the police when I go this week to start my LTC renewal process (I'm due in April 2010)... But I'm curious if any of you know about the laws regarding muzzleloaders.

A few folks I know keep telling me that you dont need an FID or LTC to hunt with or possess a muzzleloader... But you DO need an LTC or FID to buy muzzle loader projectiles and powder.

I'm very curious about this because I'd seriously consider hooking the wifey up (she keeps dragging her feet on her LTC application) with a muzzleloader for the next few weeks if she was legal - without the LTC/FID while hunting with the muzzleloader.

Any thoughts?

From: hit it hard
well i am no expert but as far as i know it is legal to carry a muzzle loader in massachusetts as long as it is not the brake open barrel type example the omega triumph again i am no expert if i am wrong someone here will correct me i am sure.i carried the omega z5 all through shot gun season with no fid or ltc i hope i am legal.i bought my gun and kit in newhampshire sabots and powder as well

From: staz
Will you do not need a FID/LTC to hunt with a muzzleloader. Only required when purchasing powder or primers. Like Hit it Hard stated just watch what type you have. The Triumph and Encore are not legal along with a few others.

From: captian
All that was said above as far as i know is correct an thats the same with hunting with the bow you donot need an fid to hunt with it but if im right now they changed the law it says you need a hunter safty card to purchase a licence to hunt

From: Tattoo Paul
Any "break action" style muzzleloader is not legal for use during primitive firearms season, but is okay during shotgun season. FID card is not required to purchase a muzzleloader, but is required for projectiles, powder, and primers. I'm not sure if one would be required if you were carrying a loaded muzzleloader. Your local police department should know the answer to that one. You do need to take a Basic Hunter Education course in order to obtain a hunting license, unless you can produce a prior MA hunting license. The Basic Hunter Ed course also qualifies you to apply for your FID card.

From: FXRScotty
I believe you need a FID to buy the 209 shot gun primers. The gun,pyrodex,and bullets are not regulated. I bought a Z5 and all the fixings for it two weeks ago and was never asked for anything (not even any ID) Scotty.

From: Tattoo Paul
I don't think half the stores know the laws regarding black powder. I've been asked for my FID card before when buying sabots and pyrodex, and other times they just check me through (this is at Bass Pro Shops). Guy I work with bought pyrodex there once, went back for more, and was told he couldn't purchase it because he's from RI and didn't have a MA FID card. Go figure.

From: Proline
Tatoo is right. No FID needed to purchase the gun but you do need it to buy powder and/or projectiles. Alot of sense there. Gotta love Mass!

From: Will
Thanks a bunch guys. I think Ill check out that forum horizontal suggested and call the local PD. It's just hard to believe with the general gun laws here that a muzzleloader could be that "whatever" law wise...

I hope it's the case though :)


From: tenpointman
your local cops will not give you the correct info anyway. read the law yourself. ch 180,ch140 of mgl. web site. idiodic law from an asnine state of fools.

From: MM
You need FID to possess powder/primers. But the ML is not regulated. Local law enforcement won't know the laws, I wouldn't bother with the PD.

There is the little tidbit that if you leave the gun loaded with a projectile (no primer) in the car...the local PD might arrest you for a loaded gun in a car. The EPO will not arrest you because they don't call it a loaded gun.

I've talked to many EPO's will not give you issues for a break open ML because they are getting so popular.....however that's still open to debate

The key to all these laws is to make it so confusing everyone will be scared to own a gun.....

From: badjuju
i'd have to agree w/ some of the above posts that the local PD really doesn't have the correct info. GOAL has some good info on their site and they are usually really helpful.

From: Tajue17
you need a FID to Purchase but NOT to possess black powder or its subsitutes,,, it says this right in the abstracts under mass gun law.

projectile is just a bullet you can buy them all day long.

I've talked to EPO clancey and gordeon and they both said the same thing.

MASSACHUSETTS GUN LAWS Possession: For hunting, resident citizens ages 5 and over must have a Firearms Identification Card (FID) to possess a non-large-capacity rifle or shotgun. A License To Carry (LTC) is needed to possess large capacity rifles and shotguns and all handguns. Non-residents with a valid Massachusetts non- resident hunting license do not need an LTC or FID to possess or carry a rifle or shotgun, but must carry their firearms unloaded and in a case while traveling in their vehicles. Non-residents may not purchase guns or ammunition in Massachusetts. No FID or LTC is needed by bow hunters, nor by minors 2- 4 years old hunting with a duly licensed adult, nor for the possession of primitive rifles or shotguns as defined in MGL Ch. 40, Section 2 , or their ammunition. However, an LTC or FID is required to "purchase" all ammunition, including black powder and Pyrodex.

will, rm is all set with the ML, you need a fid/ltc to buy the powder thats it.(you can buy it for her) if you want? stop buy my house anytime, rm can borrow my scoped t/c ...all set to go as i'm not useing it as you know. give me a call if you have any questions....

From: Will

I may take you up on that next week... Thanks man!

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