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Deer carcass disposal
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From: Naz
Those of you who skin and cut your own deer, what do you do with the carcass when you're done? I usually put mine in a relative's woods, or on my small property, sometimes with a camera to see what will visit (cats, dogs, fox, skunks, raccoons, birds of prey ... no coyotes or wolves yet!). Sometimes I give it away (after taking the loins and rounds) to a friend who wants all the trimmings for making homemade sausage and hamburger; once in a while if there's room I toss it into a dumpster that I have access to.

The reason I ask if I got a photo from a landowner recently with a note, that, in part, said this (after telling of the doe carcass thrown into a ditch on his property):

“It’s because of a few bad hunters, like the one who did this, that the good hunters are deprived from hunting our private property. This is just one example of poor hunting practices. It’s too bad the majority of the good hunters suffer from the carelessness of the bad hunters."

From: thesquid
I dig a very deep hole and dump the bones in - the rib cage I take to a field and watch the birds eat the little meat that's left. When I get done buchering a deer there is next to no meat left on the bones.

From: Dogg3250
Dump the bones on my brothers land for the critters.

From: Hoze Noze
We always butcher our deer at our hunting camp during the Gun season. Usually always have a roaring fire going in the fire pit. the bones, Skulls & carcass usually burn down to nothing.

From: Naz
Mad, that's one reason why I posted, to see what others might say. It's just another example of how "out of sight, out of mind" can come back to haunt hunters via poor image of hunting and loss of access. I knew a guy (now deceased) who moved here from MN and the first thing he did when hunting a spot was drive right out in the farm field instead of walking. He said "everyone does it in MN" which first of all we didn't believe. But either way, it cost a lot of folks access to that spot as he dug up a hay field. Why is common sense so lacking in so many license-buyers?

From: riverrat
Becasue they haven't lost the privilige yet.

Not a real good idea to just toss in fence lines around here...might be hard on the tires.

From: Xprez
Most of the time they go to the Janesville City Landfill. As a matter of fact, last night the Janesville City Council agreed to enter into an indemnification agreement with the state and DNR so that people are ENCOURAGED to bring their carcasses to the landfill for proper disposal. Depending on where I get them, sometimes I will also stake them on properties that I have permission to trap on for luring purposes.

From: BadgerArrow
I thought it was illegal just to go and toss a carcass where ever you wanted. Is it considered littering? If it's not, it should be.

From: live2hunt
I have to laugh, I remember a hunter safety instructor, old one, saying to leave the guts, bones and all waste in the woods so it can be consumed totaly. Which i agree with to a point, just throwing them in the ditch or in plane sight of the public is just a down right bad image for hunters.

We gut deer on a designated spot on the properties. The deer then get processed at the butch shop. Problem solved. lol

From: Naz
Ron, with your talent (I've seen your knife work, arrow work, etc.) I imagine you find good use for certain parts.

I have a friend who even boils the bones for soup stock ... no thanks! I didn't mean to imply that all I take is rounds and loins, but in years of multiple kills in a short period (and a friend who isn't as fortunate), that's all I take and he takes the rest. This year, cleaning just two so far, my dad took the trimmings to get sausage made while we kept the loins, rounds and a little neck meat (good stuff). I find that "spoiling" my family by serving just the best cuts (and then serving it hot, and medium rare) makes it far more likely they look forward to venison. We even use rounds for stew rather than leg/rib trimmings. Neck is good, too, esp. on a young deer.

From: camoman73
I have had all my deer processed at the local butcher shops. Turkey fish small game etc.. get bagged and thrown in the dumpster..

From: whitetailer
This is a good post. They do some dumping by my house, I never understood the laziness and low mentality of those who do that.

As we speak, I am burning on this cold day, and yesterday I butchered a doe for a guy, and the bones are now in the fire. Not too much left after I am done, because nothing is wasted.

I know a guy who loves the necks. all meat is trimmed down to the bone, for sausage, that which is not cut up for steaks etc.....

The hide will be tanned with the hair on, (for me), then it will be sewed together, with others I have, I am using them for covers, for my beds in camp, and the teepee, I am going to get next spring.......

If I do put waste out for the yotes, then it goes back in the woods a ways........

From: kildare46
Rib cage is in the backyard ( I always make sure to point it out if wife has company over ). Bones go out to my land. Neighbor is watchful he may get some yote shooting on a moonlit night.

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