wolf sightings in sheboygan marsh?
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wibowhunt 21-Jan-10
SSquare 21-Jan-10
whitetailer 21-Jan-10
DLN 21-Jan-10
huntdoug 21-Jan-10
wibowhunt 22-Jan-10
raspy old hen 25-Jan-10
thesquid 25-Jan-10
From: wibowhunt
Heard from several different people that there have been wolf(ves) spotted around the Sheboygan marsh. Also have heard coyote hunters south of there have had a wolf running? anyone else know about these?

From: SSquare
Ive heard rumors that there are but never from anyone who has actually seen one in the Marsh. I spend alot of time out there scouting, and squirrel hunting and have never seen one.

From: whitetailer
Rumor was that they were seen in the town of Osceola, also and the Cedarbug Marsh, starting to sound like Monster Quest now, ha ha ha

From: DLN
I know a guy thru work whos hunting partner swore up and down a wolf followed him out from his stand in marsh near mt.calvary.

From: huntdoug
finally deer control comes south!

From: wibowhunt
Well, the one south was seen by guys I know.

BFH. I think it was February 26, 2009 in Manitowoc County near Newton if the newspaper is correct.

From: thesquid
Yes, it was in Newton just south of Manitowoc.

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