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GMU 12 Sept. Elk Hunt
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Jackpine 10-Mar-10
Whiterock 10-Mar-10
Gar Guru 12-Mar-10
Whiterock 14-Mar-10
Carnivore 17-Mar-10
From: Jackpine
Could use some help as a first time hunter of this unit. Looking at either of the first 2 weeks of Sept and hoping to time it right for the bugle season. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreicated!

From: Whiterock
I have hunted a couple of times arround Sleepy Cat and to the roadless area to the east. Lots of elk and lots of other hunters. Pack in to the roadless area in the east portion of the unit.Several outfitters have camps in the area ,but you should be able to find some elk.

From: Gar Guru
I think you will hear more bugling the last 2 weeks of september than the first 2 weeks

From: Whiterock
If archery hunting,I would be there the week before muzzleloader season. The more hunting pressure the tighter lip the bulls get.

From: Carnivore
Last season where I was at the bulls were vocal the first weekend, then they got tight-lipped because of hunting pressure. They stayed quiet during daylight hours until the last weekend when they went insane.

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