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Elk Unit 76
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2shot 25-Mar-10
cadoll 25-Mar-10
chip 26-Mar-10
From: 2shot
The OTC area I have hunted for over eight years has been very good. But the last couple of years, a guide camp has significantly altered the elk behavior. I have been collecting preference points with an eye on unit 61. I currently have 9 points. I want to use them up so I can start hunting 0/1 points required limited elk hunting units. I have taken a hard look at unit 76. I have looked at both the hunting statistics and the hunting terrian. I am 58 years old, I train for hunting season, I hunt alone alot, but I am approaching a time in my life where areas like unit 76 will be physically out of reach unless I go with a guide. I have reseached comments on bowsite as well as the internet and have gotten some good information.

If anyone has recent experiences with unit 76 they could share with me would be much appreciated.


From: cadoll
I hunted in 76 a few years back. We camped in the campground at the west end of the reservoir for a couple of days at the start of the hunt. At that time the lake was pretty low and I would drive back to the east and park and walk across the narrow part of the stream that feeds into the lake. After a short hike south across to the other side, I would get into elk almost immediately. My buddy called in a bull, but it hung up just out of sight.

The next few days were spent camping and hunting on the SW side of pole mt. Its not a place i would recommend if you are by yourself. We did see a lot of elk on this mt. but the thought of packing one out was out of our league. We hunted bear creek to the south and also to the north on the west side of pole mt. I can say, that any basin in this area is good. We were into elk everyday. My buddy killed a 280 bull. My other buddy hit a good bull but did not retrieve, and I took a cow on the last day. Overall it was one of my best hunts ever. I am now 57 and in pretty fair shape and can tell you that if you hunt any of these areas you Cant be in too good shape. Good luck and have a great hunt.

From: chip
hunt up squaw creek from the rio grande reservoir and let me know how you do. heard some bugles in there last year from 751. looks good on google maps. the places ive hunted in 76 you would need a horse to pack out.

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