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Hunting club looking for members
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From: whump
Whump Sez: "Twin Slough hunting club" is looking for a few members. This club sits across the river from Gorgus steam plant and has around 3000 acres of hunting land. We took 30 plus deer last season including several nice bucks. A friend of mine killed 2 turkeys with his bow this spring and several nice gobblers were taken with gun. If you hunt during the week you will basically have the property to your self. This club allows hunting with all legal weapons and firearms during the season. I killed 2 does and a 6pt buck with long bow last season so the deer are there for you to harvest. I was the only all season bow hunter so this is not a bow hunting only club. You are welcome to hunt with any legal weapon during that season. We have a comfortable heated club house with running water, bunk beds , and a kitchen. We also have a skinning shed and the shower is located there. Over 20 green fields and shooting houses are also on the property, with loads of hard woods for the bow hunters, you will not be crowded.The club has a forked horn or better rule on bucks. The dues are 700 if you just hunt and 750 if you use the club house. You can also pay by the night at 5 dollars a night if your over night stays are limited. You can let me know something on this thread if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the president of the club. Hunt safe

What county is this in?

From: whump
Whump sez; Walker county---The warrior river runs almost around the property.It is across the river from the Old west Jefferson Management area. Hunt safe

From: whump

whump's embedded Photo
whump's embedded Photo
Whump Sez: This is a family oriented club. The young people took the largest deer of the season during the gun season and children under 18 hunt on your membership free, but must be with an adult when hunting. If you have a young son that is wanting to get into deer hunting then this is the club for you. The shooting houses are comfortable and your children will be treated with respect.If you like to coon hunt there is no problem with you doing that during deer season. Plenty of squirrels , rabbit, bobcat and turkey on the property.You check out your area whick covers about 17 acres and hunt what ever is in season. No drinking allowed at all, nada anytime. There were a couple of 6year olds that took does last season. The 6yr old in this pic took a nice doe and his dad shot this cat. Hunt safe

From: Todd
is this still current for the 2011 hunting season? still needing members?

From: Hoggrider
Send me info on the club. I need a new club for 2011-2012 season.

From: whump
Whump Sez; I am sure they do--we have 2700 acres and that is way more than 30 people can hunt. Hunt safe.

From: bamasoe
Whump, Me and a couple of other guys are also looking for a new club and came across this forum post. Could I get the contact info as well?

From: Warrior
I am looking for a good hunting club to join for the 2011 2012 season. I know the area of your club and would like to receive the contact information if you are needing new members. Thanks

From: whump
Pm Sent--Thanks

From: catman
send me the info, I work in that area and the deer are definitely there, if they want more members I'm certainly interested

From: whump
Whump SEz; Pm sent

From: whump
Whump SEz; Pm sent

From: n2huntn
Relocating from Missouri back home to Alabama, Smoke Rise area, in October I may be interested. Jeff

From: CTCrow
I was very excited when I saw this post and said: how did I miss this post? I'm very interested.

Then I realized I had clicked in "Alabama" instead of Connecticut. What a disappointment. If this club was anywhere within 5 hours drive I would've join.


From: whump
Whump Sez; Always room in Alabama for a Connecticut hunter. Sorry you don't live closer. Hunt safe.

From: bigdave35180
Hey Whump...I just happened to stumble across this post this morning. I live in Corner close to the old high school. I was looking for a hunting club close to here but was unable to find one as of a few weeks ago so I joined my old hunting club, Ridge Runners, whick is in Fayette county just past Wolf Creek WMA. I certainly would be interested in contacting someone about your club and taking a look at it. I have already paid my dues to my old club but would like to pursue getting in a club closer to where I live...I just retired from USSteel last year and would like a place to hunt that is close...thanks..David

From: Billc22
BigDave, did u work @ #8 BF? I'm Lester's friend.

From: Johnboy
Hello I'm wanting to join and start scoutin this year and prepare for fall I live in goodsprings and know the area well and want a club to join and I have heard nothin but good things a bout this one please contact me ASAP at any time 12055448919

From: whump
Whump Sez; sent you a message Johnboy

From: Johnboy
I don't have email you'll have to call me any time during the day or night. I'll return your call if I don't answer, please leave a voicemail. Also you can send an email to to contact me or send me any information and I will get it from her. Thanks. Johnboy

From: DC
Johnboy, whump sent you a personal message on the bowsite. I don't think you have to have an e-mail account to receive those. Look to the right side of the page at the "you have a new personal message". I could be wrong??

From: bigB
Do yall need any more members?

From: whump
Whump Sez; Sure--there is plenty of hunting space on the property. I think they only had about 28 members this season and like most clubs half of those only come 3 times a year and the other half hunt a few weekends. I will Pm you a few numbers so you can call some folks . Hunt safe.

From: whump
Whump Sez They now have an indoor shower and bathroom. The club house is a nice clean bug free environment.

From: Hardhead
Im interested in this club for 2012 season, if i could get a contact number that would be great.

From: whump
Pm sent hardhead.

From: whump
Whump Sez; If any of you that asked me about the club joined it I would like to know what you thought about it. They killed some nice bucks there last season. There is not much bow hunting pressure on the property at all.

From: SRobinson
I am looking for a good hunting club in the Gorgas Steam Plant area. Can you forward a contact name and phone number?

From: whump
I am posting the president of the clubs number so you can contact him. They recently had the club house burn down so that is no more. Allan Tidwell 256 590 2861 thanks for the inquiry. The site has been down as far as my computer access so sorry for the delay.

From: bowtechman22
You guys still looking for members?

From: whump
Whump sez;; They have plenty of room for several more people. They have almost 3000 acres of land and a lot of the members don't hunt but a couple of times a year. Give that guy a call and he can fix you up with the new rules and regs. I think they have a 6pt rule or something like that.

From: Blake
Hi, I would like to join your club for the 2013/2014 season. Is it just bow hunting or both gun and bow ? My cell is 205-213-0528 or

Thanks, Blake

From: whump
Whump sez; I called the president of the club a few nights ago and gave him your number. You can scroll back a few posts and his number is listed if you would like to call him. They have moved a trailer in for a club house so they are back in the housing business again. It is a gun and bowhunting club . Most of the members just bow hunt during the bow season and then they gun hunt after that. They have a 6pt or better rule now and the dues have gone up to 1000$

I was the only full time bowhunter in the club . It got too rich for me so I got out a couple of years ago but they have some nice bucks roaming the property.

There have been a few 150,s killed in the last 3 years and a fellow shot a 125 8pt a couple of weeks ago. I killed a 6pt and 2 does the first year I hunted it and I bow hunted only. I also saw a couple of nice bucks that were too far to shoot with a bow. If you can hunt you can kill deer there , most of the gun hunters sit the green fields and that is it but I saw some pretty good bucks hunting the thick cover.

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