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Best days for deer or the rut activity
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Z-Max 24-Aug-10
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postii 25-Aug-10
I'm taking the a week off in November starting on the 8th hoping to catch some good rutting action. every time I go out during any phase of the rut, I'm either in a bad spot or its just hot out and not a lot of day time movement. But it got me wondering, what do you guys consider the best days for seeing good rut activity, meaning chasing/cruising.

From: Troy/OK
My favorite is Nov 5 - Nov 12.


From: Oakie
My favorite for Oklahoma is Thanksgiving week.

From: Z-Max
Still_Learnin' I think you are onto something with your comment about the weather and daytime movement. I continue to, and I'm sure always will, run into that problem with the weather here. For me it is mainly as a factor to psych me out of staying on stand. The bucks ARE going to be checking on does and knowing where the does will be and when is very helpful. If I know the deer are not moving a lot during the day I like to focus on where the does are staying and setup downwind of that area. I guess what I'm saying is if you feel you are in a bad spot don't be afraid to move. Patience is definitely a virtue when the weather and recent deer sightings are poor.

That being said in the last few years I have been a fan of the any day in November with a "1" as the leading digit. However, I pretty much get out when I can and am "into" hunting that day.

Typically you will see chasing by subordinate bucks days before the prime time for catching mature bucks cruising for hot does.

All in all I think you have picked an excellent time for your hunting vacation. Good Luck.

From: rancher
You should have good hunting. There are small varibles every year but as a rule you have picked the best week

From: longhunter
You might check the moon phase. It's always a litte tougher during the full moon.

From: Z-Max
Definitely a good point longhunter.

From the US Naval Observatory website:

"Phase of the Moon on 8 November: waxing crescent with 8% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated".

"New Moon on 5 November 2010 at 11:52 p.m. Central Daylight Time."

I'm somewhat of a fan of the moon being high in the sky. For the 8th of November 2010 Moon transit @ 2:37 p.m. and from there it will be earlier each subsequent day.

It seems that the rut changes every year. I've seen the chasing phase as early as the last weekend of Oct. and as late as Thankgiving week. I now use the moon to try and predict when the rut will start. I will try to hunt the chasing phase of the rut and that should be between Nov. 3 thru Nov. 12th this year.

The weather will dictate alot of this activity, Halloween is usually staple and then on from there. However you find that the bigger bucks will move at night because of the heat, the does will come into estrous everytime each year between oct 31 and Nov, 8 bigger bucks tend to grab them and maneuver to isolated locations! Causing limited chasing

From: Stinkbait
My favorite time is the week before the rifle season opens. I've always seen more rutting/chasing activity during this time. The one thing that I've noticed that seems to affect movement is the weather. Basically, if its cold, I see deer. If it's hot I don't see deer. My best days have been during and after a big cold front. When the wind switches and starts howling out of the north and the temps start dropping, get your butt out to the woods. I've seen lots of deer under these conditions. Then, once the front passes and it gets cold and stable plan on a all day sit. I've seen some really big bucks at noon on days after a cold front.

From: Troy/OK
According to our state biologists who have studied this, the PEAK breeding day is Nov 12, +/- 2 days every year. Regardless of the weather, or moon, or anything else.

So on any given year the PEAK breeding will occur someday between Nov 10 and Nov 14.

This has nothing to do with deer movement, just the actual breeding. Deer gestation is 200 days. With a breeding date of Nov 12 plus 200 days, the fawn drop will the last few days of May, first few days of June - every year.

Fairly accurate.


From: SEOkie
The best two days I saw last season was Thanksgiving morning and believe it or not the second day was January 29. Myself and a friend witness five bucks chasing late that morning. This was the time when it was so cold last winter. Maybe a fluke deal but I'm assuming it was the so called second rut. But I like the weeks between blackpowder and rifle season.

From: DeerSlayer08
best bowhunting is between blackpowder and rifle season but my favorite days are Nov 5th-13th.

From: postii
6th of November. Works nearly every year.

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