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Little Cottonwood Canyon elk?
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RSM 01-Oct-10
bjibber 03-Oct-10
From: RSM
I'll be at the Wildlife Society Meeting in Snowbird this week. I'd like to check out some of the Wasatch bulls....

Is there any place near by that I can get out quickly from the conference to see some elk???

From: bjibber
Not a ton of elk in the Little cottonwood side of snowbird but if you take the chair or tram to the top and look off the backside scope you could spot some good bulls in the American Fork Canyon side. The Little cottonwood canyon side is open bull there and the hunt is 4 months long archery only.

If you take the tram up to the top and look down the other side that is American Fork canyon and is part of the Wasatch Limited Entry bull unit. The limited entry muzzleloader hunt is going on right now and the elk are still bugling.

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