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Petersburg Black Bear
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lobsterranch 07-Feb-11
From: lobsterranch
Hi y'all! Well I've finally done it - I made reservations with an outfitter and an airlines to come to Alaska with my wife next May. I am a flatlander from Texas and am looking forward to the halibut, salmon and a few days of spotting for spring black bears in the tidal flats. I know we are cramming a lot into one week but I wanted to hear of others' experiences. Is it possible to fish and hunt during the same trip with any kind of success with either? I will be bowhunting while my wife will shoot a rifle. We will have our own skiff and will be able go when we want to. How do you determine the best time to spot for bears - low tide, etc.? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

From: JDavis1999
We are from the DFW area and are going at the end of May 2011.We have three hunters and one only wants to bow hunt and is concerned about that. I would like to visit about the hunt and share info that we have found.

From: lobsterranch
:Hi J Davis, Send me an email at to share info. We will be there in mid-May so can certainly share learnings.


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