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passthrough 03-Jan-11
passthrough 22-Jan-11
From: passthrough
Has anyone had any luck in the Sandias? I know it is only a couple of days into the hunt. I saw quite a few bucks while on my sons youth hunt the week of thanksgiving. Saw a few real nice ones also. He tagged out on the first morning but we went up a few more times to help out other kids. I figure with the heavy snow on the east side some more may be moving onto the west. Good luck to all that drew the tag. Let us know what you are seeing...

From: passthrough

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passthrough's embedded Photo
Not sure if anyone had any luck in the Sandias this January. I went for a little hike and found 3 bucks and one real nice one. Here is a picture of one that made it through the youth and adult hunts this year. He had about 20 does with him.

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