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new oklahoma bow record??
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live2hunt88 01-Feb-11
rightman 02-Feb-11
Flatbowdad 02-Feb-11
quail hunter 02-Feb-11
Aftermerl 18-May-11
toehead 19-May-11
Bowme2 20-May-11
quail hunter 20-May-11
godsquads 03-Jun-11
From: live2hunt88
heard a 204 class buck was shot in rogers county around oologah lake, anybody else hear this? i recieved the photo in a text ill try and get it on here if i can figure out how to

From: rightman
Wade Ward shot it with a crossbow. He is a 14pt and with deductions is in the 190's maybe 192. He shot him on his property that joins land around Oologah lake. Has pictures of him from the last 2 years and I believe the day he shot him was the first time he saw him live. He is a stud.

From: Flatbowdad
Fine deer. Will Oklahoma see that as a bow kill record or will they put it in another catagory?

From: quail hunter

quail hunter's Link
Pretty sure this is the deer you all are referring to. Here's a link to another message board. Scroll down.

From: Aftermerl
I've held the rack in my own hands, it's a Super 14pt. The earlier post had it right, he took it with a crossbow on his own land. He had over a 100 pics but none were in the daylight. He told me he had decided turned off all of his feeders except one and that did the trick. The Giant walked in on Jan 11th I think it was. It was the first time he had ever seen the buck with his own eyes.

From: toehead
By Oklahoma's definitial a cross bow is a bow. Don't know how they would catigorize it otherwise. Does Oklahoma even differentiate between bow kills and gun/black power rifle kills? Pope and Young it will not make.

From: Bowme2
If 192 is the end result after net.. then he'll end up number 2 on the cy curtis program. 194 tops the list.. with 191+ being no.2, although the No.2 that grosses 210+ is very impressive!

From: quail hunter
If you buy a Cy Curtis book, it lists what was used.

From: godsquads
it is the new number 3 deer net around 188 and some 1/8's

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