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Wyoming Elk 16
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skeet 19-Feb-11
MRmich 20-Apr-11
Whiterock 20-Apr-11
From: skeet
My brother drew a tag in unit 16. We don't know a lot about the unit. Was wondering if anybody could help out. We cannot afford a hunt on the Q. Are there any ranches that allow hunting with a trespass fee? What type of bulls should we expect to see on the public ground? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Skeet

From: MRmich
I only saw two groups of elk when I hunted pronghorn there. . One group had a 4x5 with them the othher at a water tand on private land was a nice 5x5.both groups were spotted from the mmainn road. It was a surprise because it was essentially flat with a few rolling hills. I by no means covered the whole unit.Only an observation-find water, find elk. Sorry not more help. MRmich

From: Whiterock
NW part of the Shirley Mountains.Get a BLM map for the Shirley Basin.Hunt the BLM Land in the Shirley's.I have seen elk there while muledeer hunting.

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